What I’m up to in April… When it rains, it pours.

Here’s the state of me and RPGs at the moment.

This Saturday, I’ll be running @SersaV’s excellent 4E delve, Revenge of the Iron Lich, at Albany Game Day. Albany Game Day is an annual gaming even at Zombie Planet in Albany NY and is organised by @guedo79. Revenge of the Iron Lich is an excellent, challenging delve which I had the pleasure of playing at PAX East under @CStevenRoss. I don’t get a chance to DM often. I’m a little nervous and more than a littel excited.

For ‘local’ play, I am part of a group that runs two games on alternate Fridays. One group is just us boys. The other is husbands and wives playing together. I’m just a player in both games.

Last week was the beginning of Eric’s new Pathfinder game. I rolled up Byron Singer, a half-elven Savage Skald (a bard variant). Not sure where that game is going yet but we’ve established that Byron is crack shot with the bow in close range as he chants the storied past of his clan in battle. This the family game and I occassionally tweet it live.

This Friday we return to Simon’s modified 4E game where I play Archibald Nemecix, a teifling sorcerer and second in command in Bruti the Barbarian’s crew of mercenaries. Simon is running the War of the Burning Sky campaign for us and we are still trying to deliver that damned book which we were given in the very first session (we’re 8th level now). I suspect that by the time we finally deliver the book, we’ll have hit the Paragon tier and will be nearly done with the adventure.

I picked up a copy of Spirit of the Century at PAX East both for tips on the setting (I like old sci-fi and pulp stores) and for access to the rules system. I actually would like to run a one-off Star Wars game using the rules but I don’t know how quickly I’ll get to that because I’m really gearing up for D&D right now.

Coming up in the Haven:

I want to clean up some of my ideas on modeling super-heroes in D20. I’ve done a few Marvel Heroes in D20 Modern a while back and I think that they are good enough to share. That may lead into further discussion on how I build characters in general. I find that I take different approaches in and out of 4th Edition D&D.

I have at least three different setting/game ideas that I want to share. Each will get at least one post. You’ll probably get specualtive posts before the crunch, though I *do* have a couple solid ideas for reviving an old text-based computer game for a beginner’s dungeon delve.

Also, I’ve pitched another local library to see if I could hold RPG or board game evenings there. I call the pitch “Games You Can’t Buy at Wal-Mart” which initially gets the reaction I want. Unfortunately, once you mention RPGs, the conservative voices in my small town start whispering “D&D” in corners like it’s the late 70’s or something. Before I can change people’s attitudes; I need to get my foot in the door.

Obviously, I can’t get all this done in a month but I’ll get it started!


~ by Hunter Rose on April 11, 2011.

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