I got excited…

.. and I made a thing. (ref)

Sersa put up a call for submissions for the Fourthcore Armory a while back. I wanted to contribute but I was lacking in inspiration.

I’m not in the habit of being creative, you see.  It takes me a while to prime the engine and to get in gear. That is what this blog is about, mostly, getting back into gear.

So on Friday, I finally had an idea that set my fingers itching but I didn’t get a chance to flesh it out until last night—you know, an hour before the deadline.

None of the usual suspects were online at that hour to give me a second opinion before submitting—that is, also until just about the last minute. Once I had a positively glowing second opinion on my magical item, I finally felt good about sending in my entry. *fingers crossed*

One of my fellow podcasters has told me repeatedly lately that I should write more because I write well. She wasn’t just talking about my work on Just Press Start. I’m working on it!

Anyway. I’ll let you know if I get published! It’s not a paying gig but if you feel some of my inspiration when you read about my magical item, then I’ll feel accomplished.


~ by Hunter Rose on May 1, 2011.

One Response to “I got excited…”

  1. Write moar! 😀 You are an awesome writer.

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