OK, I know that I’ve spoken about this twice already, but if you play D&D 4E and you are looking for some new ideas to liven up your game, you should pick up the free Fourthcore Armory, which drops today at I’m in it! Look for The Imposters Talon on page 4.

Appearing in the Armory is a big deal for me, personally. I’ve not been creative in a long time. I used to sing, draw, and otherwise be creative in any free time I had. Those habits have slowly worn away over time. I kinda look back at that and wonder what the hell happened to me.

Playing and running Revenge of the Iron Lich are among the several events in the past two years that have really driven home how far I have fallen. The work that Sersa V and his cohorts have put into their publications are a big reason why this blog exists and why I’m going to push to be creative (at least, in a D&D context) again.

I enjoy and respect their work. Their enthusiastic response to my submission and it’s inclusion in the Fourthcore Armory proves to me that I am still capable of that caliber of work. Or, at least, some aspects of it.

I know that I can write. I’ve been doing game writing for a while, although in niche places. But when I tell the muggles that I’m being published in a free, third-party D&D book from a new publisher, they get much more excited about it than I expected. They don’t have context—why I’m excited—and yet they still cheer me on instead of giving me funny looks. I am amazed!

If this keeps up, I may develop a good opinion about myself. :p


~ by Hunter Rose on May 21, 2011.

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