The Game is Afoot!

I realized that I’m not going to have the time to do a proper post by the end of Friday. Fortunately, that’s mostly for game-related reasons, so I’m happy to share what’s going on:

  • I’m running The Sunless Citadel for teenagers at the Heermance Memorial Library twice a month. It’s their first D&D/Pathfinder experience and I’m doing everything I can to teach good habits and make the game as fun and engaging as possible. As a result, I’m thinking hard on the game and doing a lot of prep that I probably wouldn’t do for experienced players.
  • A new FLGS is opening up nearby, Kirwin’s Game Store, and I know the owner from my days as an FLGS owner and a game organizer. I’ll be running Revenge of the Iron Lich on Sunday August 28th from 12-4 as part of the opening weekend festivities.
  • Also, I may also be running Lair Assault for the new FLGS. Working out the details now.
  • The bi-annual Albany Game Day reconvenes on Saturday September 23rd as an all-day event. @caffpapercuts is running C1: Crucible of the Gods in the morning and we’ve added a second slot for C1 opposite of her which I will run, if I can get enough people. Lets get some competition going! Then, in the afternoon, I’m running Grind 4E.
  • I’m also working on a massive submission for the Fourthcore Gambit supplement. If you aren’t familiar with gambits, you can download a copy of the Fourthcore Armory and check them out.

I’ve never done so much DMing at once! It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks with lots to write about by the time that I am done.

I’ll probably end up doing product demo’s for Kirwin’s Games Store and running other D&D events in both 4E and Pathfinder as my schedule permits. I want to try to develop them as a resource for the library’s game program and to possible recruit a trusted lieutenant or two to help expand awareness, increase participation, and perhaps to even start-up a sister program in the Catskill library (where I first pitched the idea three years ago).

I really miss organised play. I was a big CCG player back in the day and tournaments were the bread and butter of weekend sales in my store. I don’t have the money or time to re-invest in the popular games of today, but I can handle board and RPG games just fine, especially with the enthusiastic support of the FLGS.

It would be easy to retreat behind the storefront hole-up with the rest of the geeks, but I still feel a strong desire and need to try to connect with the larger community around me. As a friend told me a few weeks ago, bringing in new people to the hobby and increasing gaming’s acceptability within a community is important work. If that is the case, I can certainly do better by bringing more gamers into the public spotlight. I shouldn’t be perceived as an exception to whatever stereotyped view the community currently holds of us.

If you know anyone else trying to do community outreach of this sort, I would love to hear about them!


~ by Hunter Rose on August 18, 2011.

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