Correspondence, a Link, and a Scheduling Issues

I may not have mentioned it before, but there are very few times where I’ve played 4E as written. I run it that way, but those are rare occassions when I can get behind the screen.

Our 4E DM, Simon, has been tinkering with 4e since it released. I don’t agree with most of it, but I’m there to play with my friends and not nit-pick rules and I still have a good time–I can usually let stuff like this pass:

Hey Guys,
We recently went back to the RAW rules on charging. And after giving it a chance, I still would like to tinker with it slightly.
As Tony put it, “What is charge” . At the moment it seems to be would you do to get the power to work, rather than being something.

At present Charge RAW is,
A standard action.
You gain +1 to attack.
You don’t need to move in a straight line, but do have to move closer to the target.
You must move at least 2 squares.
You must move to the nearest square from which you can attack the target.

I think rather than change any of that. It might be better to also have another type of charge.
Until someone thinks of a better name, lets call it a Full Charge.
My thinking for a Full charge would be
A standard action.
You gain +2 to attack, and +1W (weapon) damage.For Bull Rushes this would be +5, no damage.
You grant combat advantage, during the full charge.
You gain+2 to Speed.
You must move at least 4 squares.
If your attack misses by 5 or more, you must continuing your movement, in a straight line, ending in the first empty square.

What do you think?


Since we’re not at the game table, I added my two cents:

It looks as though you are trying to incorporate Run into a Charge (+2 speed, grants combat advantage) and extrapolating from there. I think that you are trying to do too much with it. What is it about the RAW charge that is unsatisfactory? You could use the 3E/Pathfinder charge action with virtually no change if you want to go back to the way things were pre-4E.

Otherwise something this complex is Power, or Magic item territory. Only defenders (and a few strikers) use the tactic and it seems appropriate that you would have to specialize to get the most out of it. (Kris did!) [Kris was the first 4E character I played with, a dragonborn paladin] There are many options that exist already.

Fast Runner (PHB1, req Con 13) gives you the +2 speed and doesn’t impose the -5 attack penalty for running.
Powerful Charge (PHB1, req Str 13) gives you +2 damage or +2 to bull rush on a charge.

There’s also a helm that adds damage die to a charge based upon it’s bonus. I didn’t check any of the ‘Powers’ books. There may be more options by now.

If I were making new feats:

Improved Charge – (req Powerful Charge) deals +1[W] on a charge.

Improved Bull Rush – (req Powerful Charge, Str 15) Bull Rush bonus increases to +5.

Stealthy Charge – (req Fast Runner, trained in Stealth) – gain combat advantage against the target of your charge.

Intimidating Charge – (req Str 13 or Cha 13, trained in Intimidate) – hit target is Shaken until end of end of it’s next turn.

Running past an intended target makes a nice fumble option. Penalties based upon a failed check really don’t belong in a basic tactic, feat, or magic item, but they do fit well in powers if you wanted to make one up.

Simon is rarely swayed by my arguments. For example, we still have 1 hour extended rests and no milestones. That’s madness to my mind, but since the guys prefer non-stop combat to any other style of play, I suppose it works well enough.

Needless to say, tomorrow’s Fourthcore events at Albany Game day will be a different matter entirely! There’s still room to play C1: Crucible of the Gods at my table in the morning. Game starts at 10 AM. Come early!

For the next few weeks, I will be thoroughly occupied with helping my wife with her business. I’ll also be out of town or out of state every other weekend and I’m not sure that I will be able to keep up the blog consistently until it’s done.

I was very happy to have kept up a weekly pace for so long, but I’m going to a “whenever” schedule so I can do better posts instead of frequent ones. Once the show season has ended, I hope to return to weekly.

In the mean time, check out @CStevenRoss’s excellent 4E Modern writ-ups on his blog.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 2, 2011.

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