Radio Silence

I never intended to not post for so long, but my wife & I stumbled into an unexpected opportunity to vend at the NY Sheep & Wool festival last weekend. We had three weeks notice and a wedding to attend in between. Most of that time was spent in constant production and a vain attempt to be adequately prepared for the madness that was “Rhinebeck”. If you are curious to learn more, you can read about it on my wife’s blog,

I haven’t had the time to game, but now that I’m recovering from the effort, there are a couple things lined up…

I spent some money for a change and picked up OSRIC in hardcover. Soon after, I found myself joining in an experiment: @SaveVsDeath is running an OSRIC game online starting this Sunday with myself, @EldritchReverie, and @Hzurr.

I learned to play D&D with 2nd edition but I’ve never played AD&D/OSRIC. I really, really excited to brush up on that old-school action!

Then, this happened. My first experience with Fourthcore D&D was playing Revenge of the Iron Lich under @CStevenRoss at PAX East last year. I’m team leader for team 2 (yet to be named) and my first team-mate is @JoeStroup. We’re forming a team of half-orcs 😀

Last of the firm news is that my regular D&D group wants a second crack at the Iron Lich. We’ve scheduled the second steading for just before Thanksgiving.

I’m not certain how quickly that I will return to weekly posts. Probably in November. My wife & I are dissecting her business and laying plans for greater success in the future and I have to get ready to construct a studio in my basement.


~ by Hunter Rose on October 19, 2011.

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