PAX East Planning

PAX East 2010 was my first game convention of any size and to say that it made an impact in my perception of what a gaming community is and should be would be understatement near to the point of hyperbole. It is unthinkable that I should miss the event but money is tight and now I have to consider my options.

Money & Planning

It’s no secret that the economy sucks and I’m sorry to say that it has had its impact on my household. My wife, who used to have the higher income of the two of us, was laid off in January. We made a bold decision to use the severance pay and a portion of our savings to invest in her part-time business while she searches for permanent employment. She is still working temp-jobs, but the investment into Bittersweet Woolery was well made. We’re in a position to do even better next year, but our household income still isn’t what it was and the extra effort’s impact on our free time has been considerable.

In order to attend PAX, several decisions have to be made.

First, I have to decide that it is OK for me to go. I certainly want to badly enough, but that decision has a financial impact that requires I discuss it with my wife. Tina is very supportive of me expanding my connections and involvement in my chosen hobby. So even though I may have that residual, nagging feeling that I should’t do this I’m going to let her talk me into it.

Next is to see how inexpensive I can make the trip. Immediately, that means that Tina has to stay home. She used to be a gamer herself, but now she’s just there to meet fellow crafters. With the pervasive DYI attitude of many fellow gamers and geeks, one shouldn’t be surprised to find that there is a large crossover between gamers and hand-crafters!

By staying home, Tina cuts my costs in half or more. That is one-less share of a room, one-half the food, and it opens up the possibility of car-pooling!

So now I’m up to ordering my pass and contacting some of my many, wonderful friends that I have made at PAX to discuss travel & hotel. I’ll probably need to invest some time on the Penny Arcade boards to see what other opportunities present themselves. (If anyone out there has suggestions, I’m all ears!)


Each year, I go into PAX with a different mission. This year, I intend to spend as much time playing different RPGs and board games as possible. I plan to run one or more Fourthcore events on the open game tables, which includes helping the incomperable @CStevenRoss run Fourthcore Team Deathmatch.

Since I plan on spending a good amount of time on D&D, it was suggested that I volunteer to assist WotC because there have been short on help the pas t2 years. As PAX has grown by about 20% this year, I expect that they’ll still need it! Unfortunately, the e-mail address I was given is no longer in service. I’m looking for a contact on but one isn’t immediately apparent.

So who else is going to PAX in 2012?


~ by Hunter Rose on November 7, 2011.

One Response to “PAX East Planning”

  1. Yeah, hook us all up with info regarding RPGA judging. I could certainly use some motivation, and WotC spotting me a 3-day pass in exchange fore running some games would be sweet!

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