Kung Fu: TKO Edition

I don’t know much about how game design is supposed to work, but I do know that when you are sitting in a small country home, play testers aren’t easy to come by!

Kung Fu

Several years ago I decided to make a card game. I was heavy into CCGs at the time and I wanted to create a card game that felt a certain way while I played it. The idea was to remove phases from the game and try to make something flowed just so. The result was Kung Fu.  Ityped up a short card list that I felt was sufficient to test the concept but I was never able to find anyone to play.

Fast forward to yesterday, and it hit me that I could adapt the game to be run with a regular deck of playing cards. Thus, the TKO edition was borne and you can find the rules here.

After only a day of work, I expect that there are problems but I appreciate any constructive advice.

Further Development

At this stage, I think that the complexity of Kung Fu: TKO Edition is only just north of War or Slapjack but, if the basic rules pan out, I can see adding more effects based upon the value of cards. Once could even create unique card effect lists for different martial arts. Players would only have to print the page with the martial art they want to play before starting the match.

My immediate concern is that the game plays fast enough and that the card effects are sufficient to create meaningful player decisions and not just minor variations to luck of the draw I’m not sure that I have accomplished that yet.


~ by Hunter Rose on November 13, 2011.

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