Fourthcore Team Deathmatch

@CStevenRoss is a mad, mad genius. #FTDM

As it turns out, the tactical nature of the D&D 4E rules are nearly perfect for modeling FPS-style PVP action. While gladatorial combat has a long and storied history in D&D, @CStevenRoss captures the kinetic, blood-soaked frenzy of the Doom/Quake deathmatches from my youth. This is not a slow, considered game—This is a prison riot. This is a bloody charge through No Man’s Land against a gerry machine-gun with artillery raining death all about you. This is all-out war! Fourthcore Team Deathmatch will kick your ass.

What It Is

Players compete in teams of four, each with their own 1st level PC. The character must be RPGA legal and can make use of any options available in the character builder with that in mind. No magical, alchemical, or consumable items may be purchased with your starting money. Characters don’t level up during the game and the winners are the team that dies the least. Live matches last 60 minutes. PbP matched last for 12 rounds.

The boards are generally small. Crusaders live 2 rounds on average so the small size facilitates keeping the survivors in striking range of each other. Deadly hazards and triggered terrain features help guarantee that there is no such thing as a safe place to stand.

Reading the PbP match is probably a good way to prepare for live play but don’t be fooled by the format. PbP allows for a lot of tactical discussion behinds the scenes and for a good amount of ruling and clarifications to be issued. You only see a fraction of that on the PbP posts. You won’t have the time for or luxury of asking questions in the live-action game. When your turn comes around you must be ready to act immediately or your crusader will be gibbed for slowing the game.

This is still a new, highly competitive format. Strategies are still being formulated and the arenas are still being tweaked based on PbP play. If you plan on playing in a live game, ask all of your questions well in advance because a ruling at the table can really ruin your day if it breaks your strategy or your character build.

Where to Play

@CStevenRoss has already run live #FTDM events at GenCon, among other conventions, and it is coming to PAX East in 2012! But if you can’t make it to a con, you can sign up for future PbP matches or just run one yourself at your FLGS.



~ by Hunter Rose on November 25, 2011.

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