Revenge of the Revenge

I ran Revenge of the Iron Lich last Friday for my local gaming group. This was their second time through and while the players had fun and want to play again some day, the game was a bitter disappointment for me.

The people I play with are relatively sedate, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of whooping & hollaring at the table, However, they are experience D&D players with one or more decades under their belts. I expected that the game would be well under the time limit as they had seen 75%+ of the crypt and knew the shortest route to the spectral stair, even if they hadn’t figured out how to cross it yet.

What actually happened at the table was inexplicible. They essentially retraced their path from the previous game, which included passing through the descending staircase (1:15 lost in there, over 1/4 of their time!). The party made no new discoveries and they only made it to the Lich’s final resting place with 10 minutes to spare. It wasn’t enough time.

There’s not much more to add at this point. I think that everyone had new builds, and they were good, but apart from the warlord and the pixie mage, nothing about them really shined during the game. There was a lot of paper-shuffling as not everyone was fully aware of what powers and equipment that they had. I tried to keep the pressure on, but erred on the players having fun rather than me feeling like a dick about it. Ultimately, they weren’t playing in the spirit of Fourthcore and I failed to overcome that.

Everyone said that they want a third shot some day, but I will probably decline. It is a lot of effort to run the game and I would rather runs something new and now watch they skip over everything that they think that they know and attempt to speed-run through the safely explored path again.

I had thought about updating some elements of the crypt but I didn’t.

  • The PCs were ready to lock down the minion spawn points but had trouble getting close enough to do it. They didn’t manage to cut any time off that room.
  • In the pyramid room, they quickly defeated the skill challenges to satisfy the room’s guardian, but they were unable to force the vault open.
  • Having avoided the encounter beforehand, the party looped back to the golem in the central chanber in the last hour. The golem delivered a beat down in the two rounds before it was defeated.

There were no deaths.



~ by Hunter Rose on December 12, 2011.

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