Thank You!

This is a post of two “Thank You”s. One for you and one for me. This is something that I was going to save for New Years but I’m kinda caught in the moment!

As is proper the first “Thank You” is for you, the silent and not-so-silent reader. when I set out to start this blog, I never really considered that anyone would want to read it. The fact that so many of you come back week after week is the best sort of encouragement.

I recently turned on the search engine stuff and I am immediately attracting more eye-balls. It is a strange situation as I never set out to write for you. I write for me and I suppose that makes it mean more when you seem to enjoy reading that.

I had very few goals when I set out to write. Mostly, I wanted to become a better communicator and start sharpening my focus when it comes to all the back-burner stuff that has been cluttering my brain for years now. I have better habits now, writing-wise, so I’ld say that I’ve made a good start.

Everyone on Twitter deserves special thanks as well! I joined Twitter a little more than two years ago because I wanted to have access to the PAX East 2010 community online. From there, I discovered a number of excellent people whom are all much more talented and skilled than I am but none-the-less tolerant of my intruding into their space. I’m not sure I can adequately express what it means to me to relax and chat with you all from time to time. At the very least, your presence is sanity-preserving!

Up until now, I have named no names. And the reason for that is because I wanted to thank my brother, who is the real reason why I’m posting out of turn this week.

This summer, I made the trek out to Ohio to stand for my younger brother as his best man. I must have done a good job because I received his “thank you” gift today!

Picture of the gift card.

I received a gift! What could it be!

I anticipate opening the gift wrapping.


The Legend of Drizzt D&D board game.

K’plah! The Legend of Drizzt D&D game

@MChast is a lapsed gamer, but he is coming to town for the holidays this weekend. It is unlikely that he will have time to sit and play the game with me. When he sees the whole family so rarely it’s hard to carve out that kind of time! You did good though, brother. I love the gift!


~ by Hunter Rose on December 19, 2011.

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