I am not one for New Yea’rs resolutions, so I’m just going to take this opportunity to talk about some changes in gaming that are going on around me.

Home Games

First and, perhaps, most exciting is that two different players came to me on separate occasions to discuss the state of the D&D 4E game that we participate in. The general opinion is that we don’t like how the game is going and the thought is that the system is partially to blame. We’re good for rolling back to 3.5 or Pathfinder but there is also a surprising willingness to try other RPGs too. Our Pathfinder DM casually mentioned that he would like to run or play the Dresden Files RPG (Yay!).

I am very, very excited for the possibilities that this opens up for us. However change comes at a cost. Friday night, we need to broach the subject with our DM who loves to run games and he seem to very much *like* 4E. If he isn’t running his game, I’m not sure if he would continue hosting to playing with the group. I would hate to see that happen because I like him as a player.

(I’ll cover our my thoughts on why we don’t like 4E at another time.)

Meanwhile, our Pathfinder DM is moving us to Pathfinder society games. He is running one season at home with our established group to get oriented and then the game will move to my FLGS and open to the public. With any luck, we’ll get a couple new people. I really digging this move because it is much closer to home for me and the store owner used to be one of the kids who came to my store (years ago) to play games. It’s a “The Circle is Now Complete” sort of moment, but without lightsabers—for now.

Online, the Sunday night OSRIC game has shifted from the level 0 opening adventure to the main campaign. We are recording and it is very likely that you will see an actual-play podcast from us very soon. A fair amount of thought has gone into whether to do this or not and how to do it. I think that you will be pleased with the results! I know that the test recordings made of the level 0 sessions came out great.

Game Day at the Library

I’ve been at this for a little less than a year and I only had 3-4 regular attendees. I have no been able to afford new games the way that I would like to have. fortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter as we’ve fallen into Starting this month, I am re-tooling slightly. I’ll be prepping to run one RPG or another twice month and only bring 1-3 other games as backup in case the RPG doesn’t pan out.

One of the three girls who participate was very excited to be playing D&D and picked up a 2nd Edition PHB at a yard sale. Since I’m not using them, I gave her my 3.0 core rule books (PHB, DMG, & MM) and printed up The Ettin’s Riddle. She has been over the moon ever since. I told her that I hope to see her run her own session sometime soon and I think that she will!

Once we finally finish The Sunless Citadel, I’m going to ask if the girls would mind if I cut back on the rules/mechanics somewhat and roll us back to OSRIC. I’ld like to borrow an old module or two from a friend and try to run it. I’m pretty sure that the girls would be game for it. If that works and I can get some for FATE experience (such as through the Dresden Files RPG) then I’ll try not run the same game system or setting twice in a row for as long as I can get away with it.

PAX East

I bought my 3-day pass and I’ve put in for the time off at work. I’ve detailed the potential problems elsewhere so I’m focusing on the positive for now.

I’ve been participating in the FTDM PbP games online and with any luck I’ll assist @CStevenRoss at PAX East in running an FTDM tournament. We’re in the early stages of planning. When we are ready to really promote it, you can be sure that you will hear about it here!

In general though, I plan to play as many different games at PAX as I can get my hands on this year. I’ve tried to do a lot of different things at the con each year but it never quite works out. Instead, I’m going to focus on what has given me the most pleasure in the past—playing good games in good company.

This Blog

Actually, I’m not changing much here. I had finally made the blog visible to search engines in the past month or so. While you can be sure that I will appreciate any extra attention I have no plans to alter the tone or content by much. If you see any change, I hope that it will because I have become a more consistent writer and have more interesting things to say.

My largest constraint here is time. I used to have some time to write posts at work but that time, and latitude, has evaporated. I write slowly to begin with and there are too many distractions at home to devote the time to this as I wish I could. Or, at the least, it takes me even longer! I need to strike a balance between playing games, writing about games, and spending time with my wife. Balance is important.


I didn’t lie. I really don’t like making resolutions, but there is something about myself that I really want to address.

Despite being a grown man of nearly 40 (!), I tend to get a little stupid in a hero-worship kind of way among anyone that I admire and perceive as being influential. For the most part, I manage not to make a fool of myself but there are times where I am too modest about my own abilities. I hate that I sometimes sound passive-aggressive or like I’m fishing for compliments.

At least, that is how I sound to myself. No-one has commented on it to me and that is partly my point. I should have more self-confidence and I shouldn’t be concerned about perceived problems. The people I associate with these days are pretty frank and I can trust them to say something if I am out of line.

If I have made any resolutions this year, they are to:

  • Believe in myself
  • Explore my strengths
  • Cease publicly dwelling on my perceived weaknesses unless I can do so constructively
  • Stop measuring myself against the successes of others. I have my own hurdles to leap.
  • Pick one back-burner project and finish the damned thing.

As with any other positive change that I have tried to make, these aren’t single events that I can achieve and check off. They are, more properly, ongoing processes that must be implemented, tweaked, and maintained.

2011 was a very tough year behind the scenes here and while 2012 doesn’t promise to be any easier to bear, it would be a much dimmer future if I didn’t have friends to share it with and games to lighten the mood.


~ by Hunter Rose on January 5, 2012.

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