FTDM: Umbra

We were entirely routed in match 02. You can see the board and the final match here.

The boys and I put together  a team of mostly Drow and sought to control the central platform and switch. The theory was sound, I thought, but we were completely outmaneuvered in every way. Initiative was also against us as the order had everyone on one team acting before everyone on the other.

Here’s my character:


Drow Shaman 1

HP 30; bloodied 15, surges 7 (7 hp)
AC 16; Fortitude 12, Reflex 14, Will 15

Inititative +4; Speed 6
longspear +3 Str vs AC (1d10 +1 Str; Reach)
repeating crossbow +4 Dex vs AC (1d8 +4 Dex, Load Free)
Haunting Spirits +4 Wis vs Will (1d6 +4 Wis psychic)
Until the end of your next turn, the target grants combat advantage to an ally of your choice.

Abilities Str 12, Con 10, Dex 18, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 10
Trained Skills Heal +9, Insight +9, Nature +9, Perception +9

Fey Origin
Lolthtouched: Once per encounter you can use either the cloud of darkness or darkfire power.
Trance (Drow): Rather than sleep, drow enter a meditative state known as a trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.

Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, simple melee, longspear, totems
Bonuses: +1 Fortitude, +1 Will
+2 Intimidate, +2 Stealth

Auspicious Birth (background): You substitute your highest ability score for Constitution to determine your initial hit points. (Dragon Magazine 366)

Veiled Alliance (theme): You gain the excise from sight encounter power. (DDi)

Vistani Heritage: You gain evil eye of the Vistani as an ecounter power. Additionally you gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks made against other Vistani. You have mastered the Vistani Blooding ritual and can perform it. (Dragon Magazine 380)

Umbra’s Powers

I dropped Stone Root Spirit  on the first turn and it was immediately overlaid with a Phantom Chasm that prevented us from using the space all match. From there on, I would have to say that the platform was covered in zones for the rest of the match. In theory, the drow darkness was supposed to conceal us from our enemy’s attacks, but they managed to get around it every time.

My spirit animal was never effectively used. It did not seem to force our opponents to reconsider their actions and, in fact, it was killed outright several times, inflicting damage upon Umbra.

Excise from Sight and Evil Eye of the Vistani were my two most effective powers.

All in all, it was a humiliating defeat. We played our best and had a good time. Bravo to The Breakfast Club for the victory!  I hope that we put up more a fight next round.

As the due-date for submissions has past–my next character is a Wilden Invoker of Kord. I like our new theme but I have no idea of how effective the team will be. We have engaged in less and less talk of strategy as the matches go on. I suspect that we will put up more of a fight though, so look out “Out to Lunch”!


~ by Hunter Rose on January 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “FTDM: Umbra”

  1. Umbra was actually a pretty snazzy idea. Handing out CA for the strikers on your team to take advantage of was brilliant. And with the tiny platform, Damakos’ skald aura should have been constantly useful. All said, damn good team.

    I’ll just say it, I won’t play modest – our strategy was killer. The luck of the dice didn’t hurt either. Basically, we had two strike forces. Two melee guys to keep everyone on the platform occupied, and the fliers to bombard from afar. Everyone but Frankenberry had a spread of close and area attacks (which was why CoD wasn’t as awesome as it could have been), and the zone locations were planned from the start.

    Since – like you said – the deadline has passed, I’ll drop a quick teaser. We fully expect to be blind about half the time. So the Colonel? Has a +9 vs NADs. While blind.

    Best of luck!

  2. After that match, you have no need for modesty!

    I’m pretty excited about this new character. It has the least input from the team for design, which makes me a little more invested in his performance.

    FTDM allows me to play all kinds of crazy stuff then I have never played before. I love exploring the new possibilities and the experience allows me to better recognise the influence of class roles in the powers and strategy inherent in a character. They sure did create a great miniatures game! 😉

  3. One of the many things I love about FTDM are the weird, little-used parts of 4E that get brought out into the light and used with excellent results. I mean, Wilden? Who plays Wilden? I had totally forgotten about them, and am now really excited to see how their racial powers help you out in the match!

  4. Wilden are exactly the sort of race that I wouldn’t mind playing if it fits within the game. Their history is unwritten and they have built-in reasons to be at odds with the party’s methods and questioning the morality of their standard tactics. I don’t mean that I want to be an ass and disruptive, just that the race presents a number of role-playing opportunities. (Part of the challenge is taking advantage of those while not breaking the social contract.)

    I had to do a little research on Wilden because the character builder had next to nothing on them. I found an article on WotC that finally clarified that they are a plant race (the only article referencing Wilden that wasn’t behind the paywall) From there I was able to find an article at http://www.dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Killoren_(3.5e_Race) under their original name.

    It is no wonder that they don’t see much use. Wilden stand as a sort of fringe race whose appeal is in their recent arrival in the world. As a DM, I would use them as a story element at first, before allowing players access. Since there are no modules incorporating them , busy DMs probably aren’t using them at all!

  5. Nice Summary–I would love to see a return to the three team model of match one–made things much more complicated.

    Your team also had by far the best fluff posts of all time!

  6. Unfortunately, fluff doesn’t win games!

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