Fourthcore Armory Expanded Edition

Now with over 100% more entries written by me! Get the details here.

I was very excited when Sersa accepted my last minute, hail-mary submission for the Fourthcore Armory. The follow-up submissions for a proposed book of gambits were much more numerous but suffered a heavy casualty rate. The book didn’t happen but a couple survivors snuck into the expanded Fourthcore Armory.

I earn naught but notoriety (and XP!) for my contributions but I encourage everyone who is seeking to pepper their game with some unusually epic items to pick up a copy. The Fourthcore Armory also offers rules for charged magical items, hiring tips for henchmen, a few tips on investing in gambits before you leave town for the wilderness, and art by @d20Monkey. And the best reason of all to buy is that you encourage Sersa to create more! Surely you would mortgage you soul for that, but he’s only asking for $10. 😀


~ by Hunter Rose on February 13, 2012.

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