Updated: HELP! (PAX 2012)


I heard back from the RPGA tonight and everything is sorted out. I have a room and will be arriving in Boston Thursday afternoon. I have my schedule too and will be posting that soon.

Many thanks to everyone who spread the work. I really, really appreciate it. I hope to see you all at PAX East!

The Follow-Up Post & Schedule


I hope to write something more inspired and on topic in a few minutes, but first I want to put out a personal plea for assistance. Without help, it appears that I may not attending PAX East after all this year.

The Problem

I imagine that most of you have heard of my situation already, but a few may not have… My finances at home are pretty tight right now and will for the foreseeable future. PAX means a lot to me and to my wife, who has witnessed the positive transformation that the event has wrought in me for two years running. She is eager for me to go—even though she has to stay behind this year so I can afford it.

With encouragement, I applied to voluntunteer 24 hours of my time on Easter weekend to run events for the RPGA in return for crash space. On Feb 17th I was told that I was in and had a room. I revised my budget for the event and put the money that I had reserved for a share of a room into the house to pay bills.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from the RPGA since. I e-mailed twice, once on Mar 5 and 23rd, and I called a telephone number from last year’s volunteer form. I’ve received no response.

With less that two weeks to go, I am forced to plan for the worst. I need to find a place to crash, for free, or give up on PAX East this year and sell my 3-day pass.

What I’m Asking is…

What I am asking of my readers and friends is this: Can you or, someone that you know, put me up for PAX East?

It would meant eh world to me if I could go and while I cannot pay you cash, I am willing to work out some sort of trade. I’m good at repaying favors and I’m willing to drive several hours if you need a strong back to help you move furniture (or house).

Since my PAX schedule has apparently freed up, I am also available to run private games. I give good Fourthcore (or so I’m told), I could run Revenge of the Iron Lich, Crucible of the Gods, or Murder of the Maelstrom Queen at the drop of a hat.

Oh, and my wife has a recipe for kick-ass raisin-craisin oatmeal cookies. I can make a batch of those to being too! 🙂 Enough for the whole hotel room to share.

Other Avenues

I’m going to hit some forums in the next week and see what I can drum up my own. You may see links to this post in a few places to shorten up all the typing I may be in for as I scramble to salvage my pilgrimage to geek mecca. I haven’t used any of the bulletin boards in ages, so if you have any suggestions at all, I’m all ears!


~ by Hunter Rose on March 25, 2012.

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