PAX East Schedule

And the day is SAVED!

Thank You All for passing along my last post. It quickly surpassed any of my other writings here. I’m touched that you all would care enough to pass the post along. I did receive some offers but as I have since heard from the RPGA and I am all set now. I no longer need a room.

Here’s the details.

I’ll be staying here, about 1 mile away from PAX as the crow flies:

Boston Marriott Long Wharf
296 State St
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

I’ll be showing up on Thursday afternoon, so I could do lunch? There’s a 5 PM meeting but I should be available for dinner and hanging out afterwards.

In exchange for the room, I’ll be running D&D events at the following times:

Lunch with friend, Noon
Meeting, 5PM

Meeting. 10:30 AM
Rise of the Underdark 13:00-17:00
D&D Learn-to-Play 17:00-19:00
D&D Next 19:00-23:00

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch 10-10:45 (Not an RPGA event)
D&D Learn-to-Play 11:00-13:00
Rise of the Underdark 13:00-15:00
D&D Learn-to-Play 5:00-19:00

D&D Learn-to-Play 11:00-13:00
Rise of the Underdark 13:00-15:00
D&D Learn-to-Play 15:00-17:00

Come in and see me! Apart from breakfast and dinner, I won’t have much opportunity to get around. I’m willing to make plans for my free time if it means seeing friends.

I Have An Extra 3-day Pass

I’m told that even though I had purchased 3-day pass already, that they will still be giving me my freebie for volunteering. That means that I can sell the original 3-day pass. If you know someone who wants a pass, let me know and we’ll work it out. I’ll deliver the pass in person in Boston Thursday night or Friday morning.


~ by Hunter Rose on March 25, 2012.

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