Marvel AoA Milestones

Life has been kicking me in the balls lately, so I haven’t taken as much time to write as I would.  So today I’m sharing some work that I’ve been previewing on G+ for my Marvel Age of Apocalypse game.

Event Milestones

Xavier’s Dream
Charles Xavier has given his life to fostering better human-mutant relations.
1 XP when you prevent a mutant from killing a human.
3 XP when you vehemently argue for or against Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence between human and mutant-kind.
10 XP when you make a significant sacrifice to protect Xavier’s dream or when you ultimately reject his philosophy, believing that mutants are inherently superior to ‘flatscans’.

Survival of the Fittest
In Apocalypse’s America, only the strong survive.
1 XP when you win a reaction roll.
3 XP when you choose to enter a fight that could have been avoided while in pursue of your goals.
10 XP when you battle a Horseman and the Horseman either inflicts trauma upon you OR you stress the Horseman out.

A selfish few see advantage in using the agents of Apocalypse towards their own ends.
1 XP when you are alone with an agent of Apocalypse.
3 XP when you allow an agent of Apocalypse to gain significant leverage for blackmail OR when you declare that you have a significant grudge against an ally.
10 XP when you betray an ally to either Apocalypse or his Horseman OR when you defy either Apocalypse or His Horseman in person rather than betray your comrades.

In the Age of Apocalypse, there is no-one who has not know the pain that the loss of a loved on brings.
1 XP when you threaten another in the name of either a dead ally or an ally that has been stressed out during the current scene.
3 XP when an ally dies.
10 XP when you defeat an opponent responsible for the death of an ally.

Anything worth attaining often requires a sacrifice of one kind or another.
1 XP when suffer stress or a loss in pursuit of another Milestone or your team’s current objective.
3 XP when you take trauma in pursuit of another Milestone or in pursuit of your team’s current objective.
10 XP when you die either to save the life of another or to achieve your team’s current objective OR when you deliberately allow another to die in order complete another Milestone when you could have prevented that death.


Memories of Two Worlds
You alone possess memories of the world-that-should-be (Marvel 616). They confuse you and disconnect you from the world-that-is (Marvel 295).
1 XP when you confuse a character with their 616 counterpart.
3 XP when your confused behavior results in emotional stress for yourself or an ally.
10 XP when your confused behaviour leads and ally to suffer trauma in pursuit of repairing the timeline.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner
In your confusion, you revert to old routines; you suspect that one of your allies is a traitor!
1 XP when you implicate Magneto in Xavier’s death.
3 XP when you convince an ally to distrust Magneto’s motives.
10 XP when you confront and defeat Magneto for his perceived crimes OR when you ultimately give up your vendetta in order work with Magneto and repair the timeline.

More to Come

Since I’m in a slow-down, I’m going to shift gears and see if I can run the adventure included in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Breakout, for one or two groups to make sure that I have the feel of the game down right. I haven’t actually played yet so, yeah, that would be a good thing.

Apart from that, I’m trying to cement my lineup of available mutants for the AoA game, which means writing more character milestones. The quality of that writing determines my initial offerings.


~ by Hunter Rose on May 6, 2012.

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