AoA Progress Report: Setting/Plot Summary

Just to show that I’ve not been entirely dead in the water.

(light spoilers)

Age of Apocalypse

This game takes pace in an alternate timeline where PROFESSOR XAVIER was assassinated before forming the X-MEN. Distraught by his close friend’s death, Eric Lensherr (MAGNETO) vows to uphold Xavier’s principles and goes on to found and train the mutant team, the X-MEN in his place. The divergent timelines grow further apart, leading to an unthinkable future where APOCALYPSE takes over the North American continent.

APOCALYPSE’s America is a hopeless wasteland where the remnants of the human race contained therein are hunted down for sport, for slavery, or to be culled to provide raw genetic materials necessary to construct his clone army of INFINITES.

The human’s HIGH COUNCIL OF EURASIA has negotiated a temporary peace with Apocalypse but this is only a shallow breath before the oncoming storm. Humans and mutants alike prepare for a WORLD WAR and GENOCIDE. Apocalypse has only feigned an end to the human cullings and the Council is planning a massive evacuation of remaining human population from the American continent.

In the middle stand MAGNETO’S X-MEN. They oppose Apocalypse and his FOUR HORSEMEN at every turn. They fight for the ideals of the martyred Xavier—his dream of peaceful co-existance between humans and mutants. The dream itself seems impossible given the current state of the world, but a madman appears in these last desperate hours to rekindle hope.

The mad mutant, BISHOP, is a man out of time. He alone remembers the world that should have been and that the death of Xavier must be prevented in order to restore the timeline.

(X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)


APOCALYPSE is obsessed by all the permutations of a simplistic philosphy: Survival of the Fittest. He seeks to pit humans and mutants against each other until the conflict gives rise to champions strong enough to challenge even him–after which he will prove his right to survive by grinding those champions to dust.

APOCALYPSE is not motivated by a desire to rule over others. He holds North America, for now, but his ultimate goal is war and genocide. He shall not abate until he stands alone over a world of corpses. Even now, those who follow him fight, betray, and kill each other for the right to stand high in the ranks—as a Horseman, perhaps—thinking that they will be spared as worthy acolytes of Apocalypse. However, once all external threats are gone, they will have no-one to turn their violence upon except each other or their lord.

With the notable exception of the HORSEMAN, SINISTER, Apocalypse’s minions tend to be short-sighted and ignorant of his private ambitions. Sinister knows that he has no future under Apocalypse’s reign. They once shared a common goal in creating a strong mutant race that would eventually supplant the human population. However, APOCALYPSE’s fanaticism coupled with recent events have caused him to reconsider.

Using the vast resources at his disposal, SINISTER engineered the birth of NATE GREY, a psion with enough raw power to kill Apocalype. Sinister arranged for young Nate to come to the attention of his soft-hearted prelate, CYCLOPSE, who smuggled the boy out of THE PENS. From there, the boy ends up with a traveling band of mutants who recognize his potential and train him to be a warrior for MAGNETO’S X-MEN.

While APOCALYPSE plans his ARMAGGEDON. the human HIGH COUNCIL lay their own plans in London. Using inside information provided by mutant agents state-side, the Council has planned a GREAT EVACUATION, using SENTINELS to air-lift a human population out of Maine. After the airlift, the Council intends to send in an air strike to NUKE AMERICA.

MAGNETO is already planning to assist the GREAT EVACTUATION when news that THE CULLINGS have been resumed, led by the HORSEMAN, HOLOCAUST, who killed his daughter many years before. The X-MEN are too few in number to effectively oppose the atrocities committed by Apocalypse’s forces and Magneto must make hard choices regarding where to act first.

The discovery of BISHOP and the timeline he remembers gives MAGNETO a new and unexpected path to victory. If the Bishop’s memories can be verified, there is a chance that the war can be won before it ever started and without directly opposing APOCALYPSE!

I was e-mailing with @DeuceDM today and discussing the outline when this came up:

Sinister’s play is really is it’s own “What If?” scenario within the event, playing on the Nathan Summers/Cable vs Apocalypse storyline. Nate is no-where near the action until the very end, so I think that I will treat the whole scenario as an unlockable.

What isn’t in the over-view is Mikhail Rasputin (a Horseman) attacking the human High Council under the guise of a peace mission. Again, it is too far removed from the main story to consider up front, but it may be unlockable or run as a separate campaign.

Apart from the intro and the climactic showdown, I have 9 discreet missions outlined for AoA. I’m currently going over my lists and pulling info down from the Marvel Wiki. Then I fill in details for the events, then I start nailing down datasheets.

When I get a little more time, I’ll outline the missions here. Meanwhile, check out @DeuceDM’s awesome X-Men themed FTDM Map.

I’m keeping the development of this open so people can comment. If you have anything to add, I’l love to hear it!

Also, everyone should congratulate @ArcaneSpringbird on his new assignment.


~ by Hunter Rose on May 8, 2012.

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