Upcoming Games

Not much new to add this week. I’m trying to clear the decks so I can concentration one or two things.


First, on June 2nd is Albany Game Day. As with last year, I’ve coordinated with @CaffPapercuts AKA CadKitty AKA Jen to run some Fourthcore. SND02 Fane of the Heresiarch may be ready by then! Jen will run that in the afternoon and I will revisit SND01 Revenge of the Iron Lich. Although I ran RotIL for this event a year ago, it was extremely well received and the anniversary edition is out.

We thought that it would be awesome to run SND01 & 2 back to back and apparently we were right! SND01 only has one empty slot and SND02 is half-full. If any AGD folds are reading, you rock!

Also, with the impending release of Prometheus, I want to return to finish this project. Does anyone want to trade e-mails and help me knock this out?

Marvel RPG

I have nearly enough people for two groups to run Breakout locally, I just need to set a date. I’m looking forward to this at a way to sit down and get a better feel for the mechanics.

I’ve picked up a few people interested in playing online too, so I’ll be starting that in June sometime. I’ld like to do this live over Skype or G+ because I don’t think that the die pool mechanic will work well over e-mail or play by post. For this game, I’ll be running my Age of Apocalypse game. It isn’t finished, so I’ll have to rely more heavily on improvisation that I care too, but I’m familiar enough with the setting that I feel I can do this.

When I set out to run this game, I had no idea how popular Age of Apocalypse is with comic book people. I hope that I do it justice! If I’m feeling brave, I may see if I can run this publicly using G+ Hangouts On Air so as to allow spectators.


~ by Hunter Rose on May 13, 2012.

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