AoA Progress Report: 9 Acts

Last time, I laid out the plot outline for the original Age of Apocalypse comic book event for the mid-90s. Here’s the post where I break it down into acts. Apart from the opening and closing action scenes, I have 9 acts separated into three tiers. The first tier is Magneto’s mission to restore the timeline. The second tier is reactions to Apocalypse’s actions. The third tier is the over-seas action in human-controlled territory.

Magneto’s Plan

When Bishop reveals to Magneto that they are currently living in an alternate, “wrong” timeline, he sends agents on three separate missions:

  • Find Destiny, who can use her powers to verify Bishop’s claims
  • Find Illyena, the last known mutant who can travel in time
  • Find the M’Kraan Crystal, the nexus of all realities

Destiny resides in the Lost Land.

  • Transition: Find Mystique!
  • Action: Survive the Infernal Gallop
  • Transition: Recruit Destiny
  • Action: The Razing of Avalon

Illyena is enslaved within The Core.

  • Transition: Illyena’s Alive??
  • Action: Infiltration
  • Action: Escape

The M’Kraan Crystal is deep within the Shi’ar’s intergalactic empire.

  • Action: Celestial Starship
  • Transition: The M’Kraan Crystal is Damaged!
  • Action: Retrieve the Crystal Fragment
  • Transition: Traitor!

Once all three acts have been completed, the final showdown with Apocalypse occurs. There are different motivations for the X-Men to confront Apocalypse in the heart of his fortress. In the comics, he had captured Magneto, Magneto’s son, and the fragment of the M’Kraan Crystal.

Apocalypse’s Plans

Even while the X-Men act to restore the world to its proper course of events, Apocalypse continues his atrocities in violation of the Kelley Pact. In the face of such horrors, the heroes may struggle with turning their back on the world in order to save it.

The Chicago Culling

  • Action: Flushing the Prey
  • Action: Holocaust!
  • Action: The Infinite Factory

The Great Evacuation

  • Action: Mission Training
  • Action: Defend the Evacuation
  • Action: Abyss Attacks!

Rescue Bishop!
(If the X-Men choose to engage in either the Culling or the Evacuation, they return to find that Bishop has been captured.)

  • Action: The Madri Temple

The High Council

With the Great Evacuation completed, the Human High Council implements their plan to end the war against Apocalypse. With the exception of Weapon X, the action focuses on exceptional individuals who might have become some of the Earth’s mightiest protectors had history not been disrupted.

I haven’t fleshed these out as well. These stories took up a smaller portion of the comics and have the most room for the Watcher to fill in.

Android Sabotage: Pierce-built androids have hidden among the refugees during the Great Evacuation. They split into three groups. One provides a distraction by attacking the refugees as they disembark from the Sentinels. A second group attempts to assassinate the High Council. The final group sabotages the human fleet of military airships, rendering their navigation instruments useless.

The Horseman, Mikhail: Mikhail arrives in London to negotiate a lasting peace. He offers to use technology to ‘upgrade’ humanity so it may leave as equals among mutant-kind. He secretly uses an empath to sway the public opinion in his favor. Human heroes, accept an invitation to board Mikhail’s vessel to inspect his facilities. When they are captured, they enact a daring plan to bring down Mikhail’s ship from the inside.

Zeppelin Run: With assistance from Weapon X and Gateway, the human’s fleet fo military zeppelins fly across the atlantic and begin dropping nukes on Apocalypse’s America. Pierce androids reveal themselves and try to stop the fleet.

The Beginning and The End

The event begins at the tail end of the Seattle Cullings.

  • Action: Infinite Patrol
  • Transition: Who is Bishop?

The event ends with the final confrontation with Apocalypse.

  • Transition: Rescue Mission
  • Action: Infiltrate Apocalypse’s Tower
  • Action: Apocalypse and The End of the World
  • Transition: Xavier is Saved

When Will It Be Ready?

I am not preparing this for publication, especially since Margaret Weis Productions will have a much more slick-looking book coming out later this year. I will be running it online beginning in mid-June for a few Twitter folk, though. I don’t know how ready the game will be, but I’m going to try to wing it and hope for the best.

This Tuesday, I’ll be running The Breakout for a couple friends at the local FLGS. None of us have any experience with the game, so that will be fun! *fingers crossed*


~ by Hunter Rose on May 20, 2012.

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