Being Bobby Drake

It’s June and I hope to be able to start my AoA game online this month. One of my prospective players expressed an interest in playing Iceman. I’ve been picking away at creating a datafile for him, but ran into a few obstacles. Primarily, most of my knowledge of Bobby comes from watching Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends as a child.

Here’s the sheet so far:


Robert “Bobby” Louis Drake (secret)


d10 Team
d8 Buddy
d6 Solo

Distinctions (d8 or d4 + PP)


Power Sets


d8 Arctic Blast
Sfx: Icy Constructs. Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Cryo-Kinetics to create complications.
Sfx: Area Attack. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.
Sfx: Seize. If a person affected by your complication rolls an opportunity, you may activate that opportunity to step up a doom die and step down an effect die belonging to the affected person.
Limit: Requires ambient moisture or other water source to activate.
Limit: Mutant. Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Milestones and tech.

Body of Ice

d10 Durability
d6 Skate
Sfx: Immune to cold.
Sfx: Healing. Spend a PP and shutdown Body of Ice to step down your Physical Stress. Recovery with an action.
Sfx: Sublimate. Step up Mental Stress to activate Body of Vapor.
Limit: Mutually Exclusive. Shutdown Body of Ice when you activate Body of Vapor.

Body of Vapor

d8 Intangibility
d8 Flight
Sfx: Reconstitute. Shutdown Body of Vapor and move your Physical trauma or stress die to the doom pool. Recover during a transition scene.
Limit: Mutually Exclusive. Shutdown Body of Vapor when you activate Body of Ice.

Specialties (d8 or 2d6 Expert; d10 or 2d8 or 3d6 Master)

d8 Business Expert
d8 Combat Expert



I started with the 616 version of Iceman. He’s a much more fleshed out character and, as far as I recalled, he had manifested most of the abilities exhibited in Age of Apocalypse.

The problem with Bobby is that he’s kind of like a 3rd edition D&D bard—2nd best at everything because he doesn’t fulfill his potential. His personality and apparent unwillingness to commit to a heroic role has prevented him from cementing a solid place on a team.

I tried to remember how Iceman fights, but most of what I recall is him creating complications and assets for his fellow team-mates to take advantage of.

It seems to me that most of the fun of playing bobby would rest with is sense of humor, which was apparently beaten out of him in age of Apocalypse… :p

Also, when I went to think on what Specialties would be appropriate for the character, I drew a blank! While reviewing the existing datafiles, I realized that all the X-Men are Combat Experts, which I assume to be the result of Danger Room training. Then, digging deep into the MArvel wiki, I read that bobby once left the X-Men to get his degree in accounting. Woo. Go bob.

At this point, I think that I just need to determine which healing option that I want to keep from the current sheet and then add a little more offense (and the “molecular moisture inversion” trick). Bobby’s player picked up the Marvel RPG too and will be working on his own version of Iceman, so I’ll probably work with him on appropriate Distinctions and Milestones.

I am excited to be working on this again, but I wish that the first character that I worked on was a little more exciting.


~ by Hunter Rose on June 1, 2012.

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