OMG, It’s Full of Datafiles!

I’ve spend the last week on vacation and working diligently on the Marvel RPG game that I am about to run. The plot breakdown was done weeks ago and the game doesn’t really require much more than an outline–especially when I have the source material stacked beside me for ready reference.

No, what I was dorking on was Datafiles for the various characters that I expected to need them.


  • Apocalypse
  • Sinister
  • Holocaust
  • Abyss
  • The Shadow King
  • Vanisher
  • The Brotherhood of Chaos (team)
  • Pierce Androids (mob)
  • The Infinites (mob)
  • The Madri (mob)
  • Magnteo (unlockable)
  • Nate Grey (unlockable)
  • Bishop (unlockable)
  • Generation Next (team, unlockable)

I have more work ahead of me, but I’ve hit a rhythym and the work goes faster & faster. I’m ready to go ahead and schedule the game.

The hardest part for me is coming up with distinctions, but all the other aspects of a Datafile come together pretty easily, if not intuitively. I’m startiing to come up with ideas for unique SFX, though I’m holding off for now and will perform a final pass over this stuff just before each session.

It seems to me that I should have more done, but some of these characters required research to get a better handle on their powers. The Marvel Wiki has been indispensable, but also Wikipedia which has done a decent job of filling in details that the Marvel Wiki could not.

After working on this stuff for several days straight, I feel much more comfortable with improvising in this system–but now I’ve put enough effort into it to worry needlessly about how others like it! The anxiety isn’t as bad as I feared though, so it’s time to move ahead before that changes.

New Milestone

Some actual crunch before you go!

I think that this one fits the Marvel U pretty good. I came up with it whne I was making distinctions for Magneto. In the Age of Apocalypse, Magneto still has a bit of the demagogue in him, but he struggles against that part of his nature in order to preserve and advocate for Xavier’s dream.


1 XP when you act on your emotions rather than rational thought or inspire another to do the same.
3 xp when you or your follower’s rash action results in significant unintended consequences such as trauma, or a persistent asset/complication.
10 XP when you either learn to work within your team without letting your heart overrule your head OR when leave your team to start one of your own, ruled by your passions and characterized by your zealotry.


~ by Hunter Rose on June 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “OMG, It’s Full of Datafiles!”

  1. You might find Comicvine to be a good resource, too. Over at Plot Points, I use that one as much as Wikipedia, the wiki and the Marvel Comics Database

    • Thanks for the recommendation! Some of these more obscure characters in the margins are not easy to flesh out. More sources are always useful.

      I’ve been to Plot Points a few times. You guys put out a lot of good work in a short time over there. Looking forward to spending more time on you’re site once I get over the hump here.

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