The End of Days

Fourthcore is dead. It has no future.

Those of us who enjoy the challenges that Fourthcore has brought need not fear, for that style of play is going nowhere. Fourthcore was only the most recent expression of that style and it will continue to manifest in other RPGs as it has in years past. Yet, with the twilight of 4E ahead of us, it is time for the brand to retire.

But Sersa does not leave us empty-handed.

In these final days the skies grow dark and the clouds hang low in the skies. Pregnant with a bloody rain that portents—at best—the end of an Age, the armies of the Heresiarch storm the heavens, the hells, and all the worlds in between.

Fourthcore is dead. But as the flickering light within my scrying glass is swallowed by the abyss, the echoes of a thousand dying cultures blend together into a ceaseless maddening howl.

Sharpen your steel and your wits, crusaders. We have one final battle to fight before we are forced to submit to our fate. The Heresiarch comes and the mortal world withers to naught beneath his boots. Death is preferable to what comes for us now but you may meet your destiny on your feet, if you dare.

SND02: Fane of the Heresiarch is set to release soon! Visit for details and previews!


~ by Hunter Rose on June 29, 2012.

One Response to “The End of Days”

  1. Death to fourthcore! Long live fourthcore!

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