Marvel AoA: 2nd Session Scheduled

The next 2-hour session will be this Wednesday, July 11th 7-9 PM EST. We will be broadcasting simultaneously to G+ and YouTube using Google On-air.

In the last session, we spent a lot of time learning how to play as Magneto’s X-Men practiced against simulated Sentinels. This session, they race across the nation to Seattle in an attempt to stop the Holocaust’s army from engaging in genocide. and from there? Tune in to find out and tell us how we’re doing!

I *may* be looking for an experienced Marvel RPG player/Watcher to play a guest star in an upcoming broadcast. I thought that it might be fun to bring in a pro who can show us how it’s done. This isn’t firm yet but, if you are interested, leave a comment or reach my by Twitter.

Also, I spent a lot of time on this game over the weekend. I fleshed out most of my outlines and created many, many datafiles. I figure that I will have created nearly 60 for this event once I’m done!

Not everything that I create is secret, so I’ve been posting a few to G+ as I finish them. I’m re-posting them here.

First, a new milestone making fun of the fact that, in the Age of Apocalypse, Magneto has an annoying habit of telling people about themselves… things he couldn’t possible know.

1 XP when Magneto names someone who has never manifested powers as a mutant and name what their power is.
3 XP when the newly discovered mutant uses their powers effectively on their first try.
10 XP when Magneto decides that he doesn’t need Destiny after all because apparently he can see into alternate dimensions too OR when Deadpool makes a drinking game out of this milestone.

If you can tell me how this works, I’ll give you a genuine Marvel No Prize.

I’m not sure that I will use the Vanisher. He was a minor villain in a scene that I don’t intend to recreate.

VANISHER (unknown)
Aff: d4 Solo, d8 Buddy, d6 Team
Dst: Cunning Backstabber, Fears Apocalypse More Than He Fears You
Trt: d10 Teleportation, d8 Guns (limit: gear)
SFX: Now You See Him… If you succeed in a reaction roll using Teleportation as part of your pool, you may keep your effect die as a stunt die to be used in an attack on your next turn.
SFX: … Now You Don’t. If you attack using an asset created by teleportation, you may shut down one defensive trait or SFX possessed by the target until after the reaction roll.

And some potential allies.

Aff: d8 Solo, d6 Buddy, d4 Team
Dst: Sworn to Non-Violence, Repentant Recluse
Trt: d10 Strength, d10 Durability, d10 Stamina
SFX: Unstoppable – Actions to restrict the Juggernaut’s physical movement automatically fail if he is already in motion.
SFX: Cytorrack’s Rampage – The Juggernaut’s result increases by 1 for each opportunity that he rolls.
SFX: Crimson Bands – Spend a plot point to ignore physical stress.
SFX: Immortal Avatar – The Juggernaut does not age, nor does he require food or air to survive.
Limit: Pent Up Rage (growing dread).
Limit: Pathological Pacifist. If the Juggernaut is convinced to commit violent action, he dies after the action is completed.
Spc: d8 Menace

DESTINY (Irene Adler)
Aff: d4 Solo, d6 Buddy, d8 Team
Dst: Recluse, It Is Fortold
Trt: d8 Precognition (enhanced senses)
SFX: Prediction – Take action vs the doom pool to view alternate universes and predict the most probable future of a person or object that Destiny interacts with. An asset created by this SFX cannot be extended beyond 1 round and is not rolled as part of a pool–instead your ally may maximise one of his die results after he rolls his pool.
Limit: Blind. Destiny cannot see except through her precognition.

Aff: d6 Solo, d8 Buddy, d4 Team
Dst: Little Sister, Abandoned, Unaware of Her Power
Trt: d10 Teleportation
SFX: Time Travel – Illyana can take 1d4 mental trauma to teleport over time and space. Time Travel has the limit Uncontrollable which is always active, though you may spend a plot point to suppress this limit for the duration of a single action.
Limit: Stepping Disk – Illyana’s power manifests as a floating disc that carries its passengers through time and space.

As usual, I’ll post some of the villains as the players encounter them. Look for them on the Actual Play posts!


~ by Hunter Rose on July 9, 2012.

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