Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 02

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[unedited audio]

The X-Men race to Seattle but arrive too late. Holocaust’s army has already sweep the city clear of humanity, or most of it anyway. The team rescues a child and discover Bishop, a man out of time.

This was meant to be a short encounter leading into the exposition scene. When the players seemed more interested in taking a second crack at the Infinites, the scene ran on longer than I had participated.

My largest self-criticism this session is that I may have talked too much. I also let the game drag a couple times when the players seemed uncertain how to proceed. I’ve had this problem before when I run games, so I’m going to try and give some thought to what I can do to keep the pace up and eliminate those spots.

Next time, I think that I will cut the feed before we discuss when the next session will be.


Tonight’s villains worked well for me. I don’t think that I need to amend them, unless I can think of a way to add some polish.

Here’s the Officer.


(Angelo Uniscione/Gunther Bain)

Aff: d8 Solo, d4 Buddy, d6 Team
Dst: Condescending, Overconfident
Spc: d8 Combat, d6 Menace

Impenetrable Force Field
d12 Durability
SFX: Crush. Use your force field to deliver a crushing attack.
SFX: Deflect. If you succeed in a reaction roll using Durability, you may choose a new target for the attack.
SFX: Impenetrable. Spend a doom die to prevent physical stress.

And here is the goons.


Genetically engineered by The Beast, Henry McCoy, to be Apocalypse’s shock-troops.

Aff: 3d8 Team
Dst: Clone Army
Trt: d8 Armor, d10 Weapons, d6 Flight
SFX: Field of Fire (area attack)
Spc: d8 Combat

We will see the Infinites again.

With the rescue attempt, I rolled 3d8 to see how large the reaction would be if the X-Men were discovered. They were looking at a total of 13d8 Infinites of they were any slower. Good job of making a swift exit on the one truck.

Even as I wrap this post up, I already have e-mail to answer about XP awards and some RP between sessions! I feel good.


~ by Hunter Rose on July 11, 2012.

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