Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 03

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[unedited audio]

The X-Men travel to New York City to find the first link in the Infernal Gallup—an underground railroad that leads to a safe haven known as Avalon.

There was no combat in tonight’s session. That was a semi-conscious decision on my part. I wanted to stretch everyone’s muscles (including mine) to do more dialogue. It is something that I’ve noticed that none of use are comfortable with yet, but I feel that it is the most essential part of Marvel RPG because the players create narrative and context when they speak in character. We need more practice, but the time for action is upon us again! There will be combat next session, I promise you.

The players decided to split the party and I ran the session using the initiative rules. That seemed to work pretty good! I kept breaking and shifting the spotlight, trying to give everyone equal time. Everyone seemed satisfied with that.

Next session, I am going to steal a page from @saveversusdeath and have the players summarize this session instead of myself. Not only does it keep me from dominating the start of the video, but it also allows them an opportunity to spin the narrative to their advantage (within reason).


~ by Hunter Rose on July 25, 2012.

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