Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 04

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[unedited audio]

It has been a month since we last played and we’re rusty from the start. Overall, I feel pretty good about this one though. I was worried about how the string of minor incidents depicted in X-Calibre would play out and it went better than I expected.

Datafiles and more thoughts after the cut.

The main fight was against Callisto and her Pirates. I’ve revealed pretty much everything during gameplay, so here are the datafiles with minor edits.

Aff: d6 Solo, d4 Buddy, d8 Team
Dst: Arrg!, Honorless Privateer
Trt: d8 Strength, d8 Reflexes, D10 Senses, d8 Stamina
SFX: Nightvision – Callisto can see in the dark.
SFX: Fast Healer – Spend a doom die to step back physical trauma.
SFX: Captain – If Callisto’s pirates use an asset or complication that she created, they may step up their effect die.
Spc: d8 Combat

I really wanted to have some benefit for Callisto to command her crew. I think it worked.

Aff: xd6 Team
Dst: Motley Crew, Winging It
Trt: d6 Small Arms (area attack)
Spc: d6 Covert

There really isn’t much to mobs. I misplayed them again though! When Iceman threw down his area attack in the final combat, he should have knocked out two team dice. Whenever the stress rolls up over the team die, you knock out the die and reset that type of stress.

And I also messed up on the doom pool. I often stepped up existing dice in the pool, but I should only have stepped up the smallest die each time. Instead, I twice bumped up a die that I should not have. This enabled me to end the scene early, which was good for timing, but not so much a win for learning and representing the rules properly.

It really struck me that I need to be more descriptive. I challenge my players when I feel that they are slacking on their narratives when building a die pool, but I fail to step up to the plate myself. I am fairly pleased with the submarine descriptions but I would have liked to have given the sailor more of a personality. Also, whenever I build the doom pool, I need to start narrating in what way the situation has gotten worse. I did it right when Wolverine scared the refugees but dropped the ball everywhere else.


~ by Hunter Rose on August 22, 2012.

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