Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 05

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[unedited audio]

Back with a full crew tonight! No combat this session and we played it pretty loose. We got a little silly in some places—that happens when you have a good time. 😀

The X-Men are rescued by Alexander and then take over the pirate ship. Once in charge, they lack a bearing, though…

Datafiles after the cut.

Tonight, the players meet Mystique and catch a glimpse of Cain Marko, the Juggernaught. They are NPCs, so I’m revealing their datafiles sooner than later.

MYSTIQUE (Raven Darkholme)
Aff: d8 Solo, d4 Buddy, d6 Team
Dst: Tortured Past, Unworthy of Friends, Lone Operator
Spc: d8 Combat, d10 Covert, d8 Psych
Trt: d10 Shape-shift, d8 Stamina, d8 Guns

Mystique doesn’t have a heck of a lot going on here. She pretty much only moves the plot along for now. I haven’t felt inspired to do more with her yet.

Cain, on the other hand…

Aff: d8 Solo, d6 Buddy, d4 Team
Dst: Sworn to Non-Violence, Repentant Recluse
Trt: d10 Strength, d10 Durability, d10 Stamina
Spc: d8 Menace
SFX: Unstoppable – Actions to restrict the Juggernaut’s physical movement automatically fail if he is already in motion.
SFX: Cytorrack’s Rampage – The Juggernaut’s result increases by 1 for each opportunity that he rolls.
SFX: Crimson Bands – Spend a plot point to ignore physical stress.
SFX: Immortal Avatar – The Juggernaught does not age, nor does he require food or air to survive.
Limit: Pent Up Rage (growing dread).
Limit: Pathological Pacifist. If the Juggernaut is convinced to violent action, he dies.

I really like what I did here, especially Cytorrack’s Rampage. Chaos is his element. Even when things go sideways on him, the Juggernaught keeps going. Definitely looking forward to expanding on him in the future.


I apologize for recording a day late. I live in proximity to Bard College where Amanda Palmer is currently an artist-in-residence. Her husband is an author of some note and he was giving a free reading of a short story last night. There were also poems and Amanda performed a song too. Lucas & I took our wives out. It was a glorious evening. I only wish that we had the money to catch the concert afterwards.

Next session is back on schedule. Look for us again on Wednesday, September 19th at 7 PM EST. Anthony can’t make it, so we are looking for a stand-in to play Wolverine that night. If you are interested, leave a comment, e-mail me at or Tweet me at @StephenChast.

I’ll run the game for as few as three people but not for two. Taking on a “stunt double” for the evening is a great way of guaranteeing a quorum for the broadcast and, I hope, a way to shake things up a little.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 6, 2012.

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