Marvel HRP: Die Pool Enhancements

I want to write something up on how to design SFX for Marvel RPG, but I feel like I don’t have words for expressing how I do it. I’m starting with my definitions the basic concepts for modifying the die pool and work my way up.

I’ve been sitting on this for a while and I need to get it out of the way before I do more Marvel RPG work.

There are only three basic enhancements to a die pool:

  • Step up a die
  • Keep a die
  • Add a die

Step up a Die: Replace a die in your pool with a larger one. This increases the odds for a larger result or more powerful effect. It also reduces the change of creating an opportunity.

To my mind, stepping up a die generally indicates increased potency.

Keep a Die: If you keep a die to add to the result, you increase your chances of winning an opposed roll and you increase the the chance or the degree of an exceptional success. If you keep an extra effect die, you may affect an additional target or depending upon your action, you might generate an additional effect such as an asset, a complication, or resource

Keeping additional die generally indicates an action that is an effective defense, an action that is difficult to prevent/avoid, or an effect that is widespread.

Add a Die to the Pool: This increases the potential for both a higher result and to generate opportunities. CONTEXT MATTERS. This is the most common enhancement for the die pool and it is also the one most closley tied to the narrative.

An extra die usually indicates versatility and the ability to make the best use of your potential resource. Some judgement is required as adding too many dice may be counter-productive if too many opportunities are generated.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 12, 2012.

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