Marvel HRP: SFX Costs

There are many methods for adding costs to SFX.

  • Remove the largest die
  • Step down a die
  • Remove the highest result
  • Take stress
  • Shutdown a trait or power set
  • Add a die to the doom pool
  • Step up a die in the doom pool
  • Spend a plot point

Remove the Largest Die/Step Down a Die: The represent the opposite of two of the basic enhancements to a die pool. They represent decreased potential and decreased potency.

Remove the Highest Result: This is a potentially more severe version of removing or stepping down a die. The highest results are often generated by the largest dice, which By removing the highest result, you are guaranteeing that the action is less-likely to succeed.

Take Stress: Simply put, some powers draw directly upon a character’s physical and mental reserves.

Shutdown an SFX, Trait or Power Set: One or more of the character’s abilities becomes temporarily unavailable as a result. Anytime an ability is shut down, there should be a condition for reactivating that ability.

Shutting down an SFX means that the character cannot perform that action, except, perhaps, as a stunt.

Shutting down a Trait also prevents related SFX and Stund dice from being used.

Shutting down a Power Set shuts down all related Traits and SFX.

Step Up or Add a Die to the Doom Pool: Both options represent an increase in the chaos or threat level. Somehow, things can and will get worse as a result of this action.

Typically, only the lowest die in the doom pool is stepped up but there are expections. If a die is borrowed from the doom pool, step that up instead.

Spend a Plot Point: To my thinking, Plot Points are spent when you want to change the story somehow. The most common example would be immunities to stress, disease, or other complications.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 16, 2012.

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