Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 06

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I could have sworn that we would have finished this arc tonight but they only just reached the boss battle when we hit the time limit. Next Session: The Shadow King!

Tonight’s villains were The Pale Riders:

DAMASK (Emma Steed)
Aff: d6 Solo, d4 Buddy, d8 Team
Dst: Psychopath, Never Knew How Wonderful It Could Be
Trt: d10 Mind Control
Spc: d8 Combat, d8 Psych
SFX: Psionic Chains – Damask can manifest visible (but immaterial) hooks and chains that inflict wracking emotional or mental stress on contact. These constructs can effect other mental constructs and astral entities.
SFX: Bastion of Will: Damask is immune to Powers and SFX which target the mind. Spend a doom die to ignore mental stress.

Overwhelmed by the natural beauty and untamed nature of Avalon, Damask is equally repulsed by Wade’s desire to annihilate it all. In the comics, this contrast leads Emma to defect to the X-men. While not exactly reformed, she is instrumental in The Shadow King’s defeat. Too bad out heroes took her out!

DEAD MAN WADE (Wade Wilson)
Aff: d8 Solo, d6 Buddy, d4 Team
Dst: Walking Dead-Man, Hates Life
Spc: d10 Combat
Trt: d8 Strength, d10 Stamina, d8 Reflexes, d10 Weapons
SFX: Regeneration – Spend a doom die to step back physical trauma and remove all physical stress.

This version of Deadpool is characterised by his deep resentment of the living. He hates the living because they can die and he can’t! Or so he thinks. Wade’s death mirrors that of his movie counterpart. Does this mean that we get a Green Lantern sequel now?

Aff: d6 Solo, d8 Buddy, d4 Team
Dst: Cheyenne Indian, Informant
Trt: d8 Astral Energy
SFX: Thought Arrow – An arrow of astral energy strikes the target, inflicting images of their greatest fears upon them. (Mental/Emotional stress or complication)

Dani made a brief appearance at the Ghost Dance in NYC, where the X-Men mounted up for the Infernal Gallup. She made it possible to track the refugees to Avalon.

I did spoil some of The Shadow King at the very end of the broadcast, but I won’t be posting him here until after the fight.

Next Session

Rather than wait our characteristic 2 weeks, we will play again next week, Wednesday September 26th at 7 PM EST.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 19, 2012.

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