Extra Life 2012

My friends at Just Press Start are throwing a fund Raiser for Extra Life on Saturday Oct 20th from 9 AM to 9 PM at the University at Albany’s School of Public Health.

There are 40 LAN slots and 40 tabletop gaming slots.

I can’t afford to donate money, but I am giving them my time. I’m going to be there the whole day with a portion of my games library and to run RPGs on-demand.

I’ll be prepared to run two excellent Dungeons & Dragons adventures: “C1: Crucible of the Gods” by Sersa V and “Murder of the Maelstrom Queen” by Dr Davy Jones. I’ll have some excellent pre-generated characters from Dr Jones that are suitable for either adventure and extra dice. No experience is necessary, but it is recommended.

I will also be prepared to run the introductory adventure for the new Marvel: Heroic Roleplaying Game. Again, I will have pre-generated characters to hand out.

If I have a chance, I’ll also prep a one-shot for Tracy Barnett‘s first RPG game, School Daze.

I’m playing the schedule fast & loose at the moment as the official events are still coming together. Keep an eye on JPS’s website or their Extra Life page for details as they emerge. Unless I’m told otherwise, I plan on running a session for the first game I can get 4-6 volunteers for.

You can also e-mail me directly at HunterRose@hotmail.com (or my personal address, if you have it) with any questions about playing the D&D or Marvel RPGs.

If you can’t make the event but you like what you see, please support Extra Life through the Just Press Start team page. While JPS doesn’t benefit from your donation, helping them meet their goal encourages them to continue running events and to improve them so they can raise even more money for sick children.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 25, 2012.

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