Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 07

Previous Session.

[unedited audio]

This entire session as a boss fight with The Shadow King.

I think that the fight was a little clunky, but that may also have been the fact that I am really, really tired and wasn’t thinking straight. Fortunately, I had spent some time over lunch to flesh out the villain and lad out explicite strategies for the encounter.

THE SHADOW KING (Amahl Farouk)
Aff: d10 Solo, d6 Buddy, d8 Team
Dst: Boastful, Patient
Spc: d8 Covert, d10 Psych

Astral Entity
d12 Astral Plane Mastery, d12 Mind Control, d10 Telepathy
SFX: Posession – The Shadow King may spend a doom die to possess a target who is mentally or emotionally stressed out. The die spent must be larger that the target’s solo affiliation die. When the Shadow king takes action, he may act as himself or as the posessed character.
If the target is no longer mentally or emotionally stressed-out, he or she may take action against the doom pool on their turn to escape the Shadow King’s control.
SFX: Suggestion – Enemies can’t trust their own perceptions. The Shadow King may activate an opportunity to step back target’s effect die for each opportunity they have rolled in that same action.
SFX: Astral Entity – The Shadow King has no physical body, is immune to physical stress, and cannot shift stress to a host body’s physical stress (if he has one).
SFX: Astral Landscape – On the astral plane, the Shadow King can alter the landscape to suit his whims. Apart from changing the narrative description, he may create or remove one scene distinction.
SFX: Astral Constructs – The Shadow King may step up his effect die when creating or attacking assets or complications on the astral plane.
Limit: XXX – xxx.

Ass: Hosts d8
The Shadow King targets bystanders with area affect powers and uses them to raze Avalon. When a host is defeated, he moves to another one.
SFX: Roll a d6 and use the result as a d10 trait: 1 Pyrokinesis, 2 Super-Speed, 3 Lightning Blasts, 4 Sonic Scream, 5 Seismic Activity, 6 Telekinesis.

I had an idea that the X-Men could dissipate a mob, which acted as the Shadow King’s pool of potential hosts, but that seemed too easy. I did away with the mob, but kept the hosts as a d8 persistent asset.

Number 6 on the die under hosts used to be a random PC, but when I fleshed him out, I came up with the Possession SFX.

The astral-themed SFX never really came into play, but they might have if I were more together.

Suggestion was the most used SFX and I liked how I first narrated it.

That’s it for show notes, because I’m too tired to type straight! I’ll just leave you with a teaser for how it all ended.


~ by Hunter Rose on September 26, 2012.

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