Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 08

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***[unedited audio]***
(I’ll now be offering an audio-only version of each session. You can visit the previous session for a link to their audio.)

The X-Men decide their next mission.

We’re back after another long break! There was very little action in this session as most of it was tying up loose ends and deciding which would be the next mission and how best to approach it.

Lucas tidied up Alexander’s plot some, revealing some more of his true nature and background.

It was decided that the next mission will be to rescue Colossus’ sister, Illyana, from The Core. The Core is a slave mine and power plan in Oregon.

The game ends with a brief encounter with Undercloaks, who were patrolling the far perimeter of Apocalypse’ facility.

Aff: d8 Solo, 3d6 Team
Dst: Cocky, Cowardly
Trt: d10 Shadow Substance, d6 Telepath, d6 Light Weapons (gear)
SFX: Intangible – While in shadow, an Undercloack can turn intangible at will.
SFX: Teleport – While in shadow, an undercloak can teleport to another shadow in range.
Spc: d8 Combat, d10 Covert

The Undercloaks were put down with startling alacrity. Joe, in particular, made excellent use of his new powers.

The No Prize

I’ve totally forgotten to revisit my house rule, “The No Prize”. In short, any time a player can explain why something impossible should work without contradicting canon, will get 3 XP. Only one No Prize will be given out per session and, if it arises from collaboration, every player gets 1 XP instead.

This session’s winner is Joe, who explained hoe Shadowcat’s phasing ability allowed him to manhandle the intangible Undercloaks.


~ by Hunter Rose on October 31, 2012.

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