Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying AoA 09.5

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***[unedited audio]***

(I’ll now be offering an audio-only version of each session. You can visit the previous session for a link to their audio.)

Lost in the warren of mining tunnels, Dazzler and Iceman try to escape The Core.

We recorded this the day before Thanksgiving. As it turned out, the only two people who could make it were the right ones for running a short sidebar. Of course, that expanded into a full session in short order!

I’m writing this post long after the session was run, so I don’t have much comment on it now that the goings on have dimmed in memory. I will say that a fantastic failure of Matt’s forced my hand. I re-introduced the Sugarman earlier than I intended and he cornered Iceman alone in the mine. #MwaHaHa

We’ve seen enough of this villain, so I’m dropping the datafile here:

SUGAR-MAN (unknown)
Aff: d10 Solo, d6 Buddy, d8 Team
Dst: Smarter than He Looks, Cannibal, Survivor
Monstrous Mutant
d8 Animal Senses
SFX: Smells Fear
d8 Shrink/Grow
SFX: Size-Changing – The Sugar-Man has been observed to be as large as a tank and as small as a mouse.
SFX: Fake Death – Spend a doom die remove Sugar-Man from the scene, leaving behind a corpse-like shell. Faking Death reduces the stress inflicted to a d6. Activate an opportunity for Sugar-Man to re-enter the scene and act immediately.
d10 Four Arms (area attack [max 4])
Limit: Gear – Sugar-Man uses hammers and axes for melee weapons. A successful action to disarm Sugar-Man steps down Four Arms instead
d10 Tongue
SFX: Irresistable – The Sugar-Man’s ribbon-like, prehensile tongue posesses superhuman durability and can easily breach the armor. Spend a doom die to ignore a target’s SFX that reduce or ignore physical stress.
Spc: d8 Combat, d10 Medical, d8 Menace, d10 Science, d8 Tech


~ by Hunter Rose on December 8, 2012.

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