Long Live the King: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game

A lot of ink may be spilled today about the “death” of the most recent incarnation of Marvel role-playing games. Margaret Weis Productions has lost the license and the digital sales for the books end with the month of April.

The news has me feeling a little like somebody shot my dog. I’m shocked, upset, and saddened by the sudden loss. I feel no need to lay blame over this, however. I prefer to remain positive by remembering the good that has been acheived in its short life and to look towards the future.

53 weeks later, I stand by my initial impressions.

There’s probably a lot more that I can say about the game but I’l probably only be repeating myself.

If you are so inclined, you may read it all again here. All the relevant text has the “Marvel Heroic Roleplaying” tag on it. This includes my first, post-PAX impressions and a report on the first session that I ran with two friends in order to try and grasp how to play it.

There are also a handful of posts on getting myself prepared to run an Age of Apocolypse event. Most of his is played out here…

Sadly, I’ve had to put the game on hiatus before playing out the end. I hope to return to it this year.

I’ve had somone asked me if I would ever publish the AoA event since MWP won’t be anymore. The answer is “Probably not, and certainly not without significant help.” I’ve run the whole thing off of less than 10 pages of plain text, datafiles included. Most of the writing was done prior to the first session. I started rewriting datafiles from the very beginning and my notes only became less coherent and useful as I began to improvise more and more. The materials that I have are in nothing resembling a publishable state.

When I first began blogging here, it was because of Fourthcore D&D and the people associated with it. I didn’t expect that to happen again but it did with Marvel HRP. I am now acquainted with more designers and excellent GMs/players that I can name, or properly thank.

Thank You.

Excelsior! (Play more Marvel HRP)


~ by Hunter Rose on April 24, 2013.

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