“Biting” the Bullet

Few people remember, but my wife used to roleplay. She got her start when I did—with second edition D&D—but her true passion turned out to be Vampire: The Masquerade.

It happened this spring, after PAX East. Tina had been able to join me for the trip. Although she isn’t there to game, my wife found plenty to stimulate her nerdly passions. On the trip home, she decided that we should put on a one-shot Vampire LARP.

This is a task that we’ve only taken on once before. That event was successful but LARPs are a lot of hard work and there is no established community in the immediate area for that sort of thing. The closest that I’ve found is a local tabletop game and tonight we put a bug in their ear.

We are reasonably assured that we will have enough players to make this work.

So, now comes the real meat of the project. My wife and I share a commute to our day-jobs and have begun spending that half hour talking about the setting, establishing the character archetypes, and throwing out motivations to see what sticks. Right now, we’re going with Prohibition era Albany NY for jazz, booze, and murder for 6-12 players.

Additionally, I may have convinced Tina to use the up-coming Fate Accellerated Edition (FAE) for the mechanics instead of ressurecting the Minds Eye Theatre books for another go. We want to guarantee that the rules will be accessible to everyone and FAE will be released under a open license in the near future. (I helped fund the Kickstarter, so I have access to it now).

We’ve decided to document part of the process here. Tina may even put up a few posts of her own!

In fact, here she is with a few excited utterances of her own on the subject:

My Better Half

When we left PAX East this year, it was (as usual) floating on a cloud of community fueled fumes. It’s always this way, and if you’ve ever been to PAX you know why. I don’t even remember how we got on the topic of doing another one-shot Vampire LARP, but once the cat was out of the bag, that was it. We bounced ideas off each other in that fast-riffing way that comes so easily when your partner in crime is your spouse and you’re almost speaking in shorthand. The ideas flowed almost faster than we could get them out intelligibly. We were home almost before we knew it.

Part of what helped us flesh out the main idea so easily is that we originally intended to recycle our plot device from the first one-shot, combining it with elements from a table top Vampire game we’d played long ago. Since then, however, we’ve moved past that and have a unique (to us) hook and a truly fun setting. What’s not to love about a fiendish Prohibition/Jazz era story set in our home-away-from-home, Albany, NY? Downtown Albany still retains many active landmarks, restaurants, and architecture from the 20’s. We pass them every day.

I’m very excited to plan this story with my husband. We share a passion for a good story, good community, and a good time. I have a feeling that with the right crew we could have something special. Onward, then, and remember… keep your allies close, and your enemies closer.


~ by Hunter Rose on May 20, 2013.

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