Actual Play: Star Wars + Fate Accelerated

I finally had my shot at running Fate. The goal was a one-shot using Fate Accelerated to see how quickly we could make characters and get into the game. I chose Star Wars for the setting because, well.. I’ve been talking about it nearly forever! Also, SW has the added bonus of being familiar to nearly every geek on the planet, so there is a wealth of shared understanding to mine.

I talk a lot in this video

From left to right, the players are:
Dustin “Cassus” B, Co-Host and Editor of Under Discussion. (@8one6)
Kevin “Dent” Smith. (@down2dm)
Joe “Longshot” Stroup. Formerly Colossus in my Marvel game. (@raisedead)

Character generation and establishing the opening scenario took about 40 minutes. Given the narrative foundation of the mechanics, char-gen requires a different set of skills, or the ability to put existing DM skills into a new context. As you can see, we flounder a bit over the best phrasing for our Aspects but the intent behind them is pretty clear. For a one-shot, we aren’t concerned with “getting it right” and, as it happens, everything turned out fine in the end.

Had this become an ongoing game, we definitely would have refined the characters after each of the first few sessions. I think that if you are new to Fate, you pretty much have to play this loose and forgo some of the character advancement options until you get a better feel for what makes a good character Aspect. (I ran into a similar situation with home-made characters in Marvel HRP.)

I think that laying out the intent of the one-shot before we began helped give focus to the process. In Fate, character generation has a great impact on how the game itself plays out. The choices made by the players are useless unless supported by the plot later on. Likewise, by incorporating theer choices into the session, I was easily able to create challenges that rewarded their efforts.

In my head, this was an adventure suited for scoundrels, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and Jedi trying to navigate the underworld to get what they wanted. Char-gen blew that idea out of the water and it was great.


~ by Hunter Rose on July 22, 2013.

One Response to “Actual Play: Star Wars + Fate Accelerated”

  1. This sounds interesting. I have yet to play fate. So as soon as I get the chance I will listen and watch your vid .

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