JPS Numenera Episode 1: The Nightmare Switch

As you may recall, Luke from Just Press Start is running a game of Numenera online.

The game was a lot of fun to play in but I don’t know what was up with Anthony and that guard that night. Unfortunately for Luke, we may have come off as a bunch of assholes last night. The good news is that he handled it pretty well. That is to say, I think he … erm… “role-plays” frustration pretty good. 🙂

Seriously. As Luke reminds us, he has not run a game in nearly 20 years and his recent role-play has been limited to my Marvel RPG sessions. He ran the session better than some other GMs that I have met with waaaay more experience. Nervous as he was, I think he did a fantastic job.

The next live session is Wednesday, Nov 6th. We’re shooting for a bi-weekly game.

Luke’s Twitter handle is @JPSXeserox. Follow him and tell him what you think of the game!


~ by Hunter Rose on October 29, 2013.

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