Fourthcore D&D’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

This Halloween is the fourth anniversary of Fourthcore. Sersa V has moved on to other projects and he has no new Fourthcore modules coming out, but the significance of the fourth anniversary led me to collect some links for your reading, listening, or viewing pleasures.

I was introduced to Fourthcore through C Steven Ross when he ran Revenge of the Iron Lich at PAX East. I was so impressed that I asked if he and Sersa V would participate in my first-ever interview, which you can still find at Just Press Start’s blog HERE. If you want to know what Fourthcore is about and why I find it an exciting branch of D&D, start with that. The discussion lasts for about an hour.

Shortly after, I ran Revenge at Albany Game Day. That is still the best single-session of D&D that I have run in my life. I’ve run the delve several times since and even recorded a run for International Tabletop Day.

Quite apart from my DMing contributions, I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to the Fourthcore Armory, which is available as a print-on-demand book through LuLu. I had only contributed one item to the original publication, an Imposter’s Dagger, but the expanded edition contains three Gambits from me as well: Bottleneck, False Accusation, and Hunter’s Shelter. The dagger also appears as a weapon in Crucible of the Gods!

If you are looking for additional adventures and inspiration for Fourthcore, you need to check the following out.

C Steven Ross had a great blog called DMG 42: Actions the Rules Don’t Cover. He’s moved on to write a blog for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight called Triumph & Despair, and it’s just as chock full of in-your-face, high-energy games tips and tools. Dig it.

Casey has also created a D&D Deathmatch site inspired by Fourthcore. The annual championship matches run at Gencon every year. New maps are still being created.

Dr Davey Jones of The Dungeon Oracle has three great adventures for download and 15 single-sheet, level 1 pregens that just look fantastic (I’ve printed and laminated them for re-use)!

Milwaulkee Joe runs an amazing play-by-post games on his blog, Grind 4E. He has run several Fourthcore adventures there and they are all up for the public to read.

And, as always, Sersa V’s three adventures, Revenge of the Iron Lich, Crucible of the Gods, and Fane of the Heresiarch, are available for free on his legacy website, Save Versus Death.

Now Fourthcore is dead. No, really, I mean it this time! Sersa is still writing and designing though, so I have hope that the game style will persist in other systems now that 4th Edition D&D is winding down.

In particular, watch out for an adventure by him through Kobold Press called The Crown of Charon. He also have an RPG called The Chamber in beta-testing right now with a release day around *fingers crossed* Christmas or New Years.


~ by Hunter Rose on October 31, 2013.

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