Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the 13th Age: Session 4

This is an actual play broadcast of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft using the 13th Age RPG.

Our Heroes have reached the heart of Barovia but find it besieged by the undead. They join the in the defense and….

Our characters are are:
Ember, the human fighter–played by Bryant (@gamercow)
Kenthis, the human sorcerer–played by John
Heinrich, the human cleric–played by Pierce (@sorcerer_blob)

Mook Tip: Make check-boxes for each mook. Make them big enough to write residual damage in in case a player’s damage doesn’t divide evenly. You should prep a card for this before the session, especially if there are 20 or more mooks. When I ran this scene for my offline group, I had 40 zombie mooks because there were 5 players. This method worked brilliantly.

I revised the necromantic plague after this session. (If the monsters read differently in my posts, it’s because they got revised too.)

Necromantic Infection

A PC damaged by a zombie’s melee attack must make a save (11+) to avoid infection. A critical hit always transmits the infection (no save).
Infected PCs do not clear failed death saves at the end of battle and lose their level in HP with every failed death or last-gasp save. If they die, they immediately rise as a zombie.

I want to make this harsher and say that the PCs lose a recovery with each failed death/last-gasp save. If have no recoveries, you would take a hit die of damage per tier.


4th Level Wrecker [Undead]
Init +7

Strength of the Damned + 9 vs. AC—20 damage
Natural 16+ Hit: The earth opens up and swallows the target whole (stuck) and it begins making last-gasp saves as it suffocates. Digging out is a normal task (DC 15) requiring a standard action. The target must dig out to stand up and be unstuck. Digging out or succeeding on the last-gasp save allows the target to clear enough dirt away to breathe normally.

HP 60; AC 19, PD 17, MD 10

Vulnerable: holy

The Entomber’s special effect is one of several where I had combined an attack roll and then threw in a saving throw to avoid further effect. That seems an excessive amount of die rolling to resolve a single attack.

I really don’t like what I did with openly revising the monster on-air. When I got offline, I went on a massive editing rampage, revising my monsters to bring them in line with some ideas I had from the game.


~ by Hunter Rose on August 6, 2014.

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