Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the 13th Age: Session 10

This is an #ActualPlay broadcast of Expedition to Castle #Ravenloft using the #13thAge RPG.

We’re back from our holiday break! This is the fastest that we’ve ever gotten back into the game and it made for a great, full-length session.

Our players decided to weather a night upon Lysaga Hill, but their respite was interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious cult.

Our characters are are:
Ember, the human fighter–played by Bryant (@gamercow)
Kenthis, the human sorcerer–played by John
Heinrich, the human cleric–played by Pierce (@sorcerer blob)
Raghnar, the human fighter–played by Aaron (@wolfsamurai)

Another really long break, but this time we all came out swinging. This was a huge improvement over the session before!

The Cult of Chernovog arrive to carry out the hag’s sinister plan and not even her death will stop them.

Lysaga Witches

6th Level Spoiler [Humanoid]
Init +9

The Flames of Hell +11 vs. PD—One nearby or two close targets take 20 fire damage each.
Ceremonial Dagger +11 vs. AC—10 damage and 10 ongoing poison damage (11+ save ends).
Crit: The target marks one failed death save until the end of the next full heal-up.

HP 90
AC 18
PD 16
MD 22

Resist Energy 16+
Channel: Whenever the witch takes energy damage from an attack that fails to overcome the their energy resistance, the witch gains one of the following effects at random until the end of its next turn:
1. Flight——The witch cannot be intercepted. If the witch is engaged, it may pop free when it moves.
2. Curse—The nearest enemy is hampered.
3. Poison—The witch may immediately make a free melee attack with their ceremonial dagger. If successful, the target is also confused until they save against the poison.
4. Repulse—Nearby enemies must immediately make a hard save (16+). Failure prevents the enemy from looking directly at the witch.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to look up details on Chernovog and totally botched the description. He is a demon prince sometimes know as The Green God. As it happens, there seems to be next to nothing in the book or on the internet about him. Even so, I’m going to have to revise my description of him in the next session, according to what clues I have found.

Failing to stop Chernovog’s aspect from being summoned counts as a campaign loss for the party. Stopping it now will be very difficult instead, assuming they can find it. I’m thinking through a few option as to how this should play out. It was summoned for a purpose and that should have long-reaching effects as it attempts to carry out that task.

Aspect of Chernovog

Large 7th Level Double-Strength
Troop [Outsider]
Init +8

Claws & Bites +12 vs. AC—Attacks two close enemies. 60 damage.
Escalation Die 5+, Critical Hit: Once per turn, if this attack reduces the target to 0 or fewer hit points, the target must make an easy save (6+). If the target fails, their head is bitten off. Otherwise, they lose a limb of their choosing.
Eldricht Blast +12 vs. PD— One nearby enemy takes 60 damage.
Natural Even Hit: The target is blinded (normal save ends 11+).
Natural Odd Hit: Make a secondary attack against two enemies close to the first target. The secondary attacks deal 30 damage each.

HP 325
AC 21
PD 21
MD 23

Resist All Damage 12+
Telepathic: The Aspect may communicate telepathically with any nearby creature that has a language. Lying or concealing a thought from the Aspect in this manner is a DC 25 check.

I had actually just revised the damage down before the session. I’m glad that I did.


~ by Hunter Rose on January 11, 2015.

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