Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the 13th Age: Session 9

This is an #ActualPlay broadcast of Expedition to Castle #Ravenloft using the #13thAge RPG.

We’re back! It’s been 6 weeks since we played and it takes time to get up to speed.

The party searched the ruins on Lysagia Hill and dispose of a body. An important discovery is made. The group decides to camp in the ruins.

Our characters are are:
Ember, the human fighter–played by Bryant (@gamercow)
Kenthis, the human sorcerer–played by John
Heinrich, the human cleric–played by Pierce (@sorcerer blob)
Raghnar, the human fighter–played by Aaron (@wolfsamurai)

It is sometimes really hard coming back from a long break. We lacked any kind of focus and I felt entirely inadequate to getting the task of getting things back on the rails. Even so, our players make an important plot discovery in uncovering and bonding with the Mountain Fane. (Spoilers ahead!)

The Fanes of Barovia

Strahd has bound himself to the land of Barovia in three places of power, which are each guarded by one of three sisters. The game randomly determines how to the players can unlock the powers for themselves during Madame Eva’s reading. In this case, the guardians must be slain, but I took advantage Ember’s dismemberment of the hag to turn it into a blood sacrifice.

In the next session, Kenthis notes the resemblance between the Hag and Madame Eva. I wonder if they will remember and act on that information. I hope they do becaus eI think that would make the campaign much more interesting.

Redesigning the Fanes was a challenge for me. Strahd has the benefit of all three Fanes to start and it makes him much harder to kill. Stealing the power of the Fanes is a smart move, and it also brings to light some of the other forces at work within the valley (more on that next session.

The original benefits were a non-detection effect, a huge AC bonus, and resistance to three types of damage. I wanted to get away from “bigger, better, more” numerical advantages, but after tinkering for a week or two, I came back to them, thought I did spread it around a bit.

Swamp: +2 PD. Resist 16+ (acid, fire, or holy).
Quirk: Your skin is cold and clammy. Disease, decay, and rot works faster around you.

Mountain: +2 AC. Resist 16+ (fire, lightning, or thunder).
Quirk: You have a limited capacity for expression. Your sense of touch is greatly reduced.

Forest: +2 MD. Resist 16+ (negative energy, poison, or psychic).
Quirk: Lethargic when deprived of sunlight. You resist suggestions from others.

Each attunement counts as two magic items.

Just as with the werewolf curse, the Fanes count against your limit on magical items you can carry. I don’t expect it to be a problem unless a player takes on more than one ro contracts any magical afflictions such as lycanthropy or ghoul stench (again).


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