Don’t Rest Your Head

Don’t Rest Your Head is an RPG that has been on my hit list for a while now. I picked up a used copy last year from an online friend and I was immediately captivated. by what I read.

I finally got to run a session and you can watch the results on YouTube. I had no idea what anyone was playing before the session so everything you saw from Go was use making it up as we went.

Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves very much and would play it again.

A few notes on how the game played for us:

  • Character generation can be accomplished quickly at the table, but the game can suffer if the players don’t have a strong sense of what kind of game this is. Steve wasn’t as prepared as the others and it left me with less to work with. If I were more adept at this style of game, I may have been able to compensate better. As it was, he was rarely the center of attention because he didn’t give me much reason to put him there.
  • I didn’t push hard enough. I totally forgot that a character failing a check allows me to force them to check a response box. I had felt that they weren’t spiralling fast enough and I thought that was because they weren’t taking enough chances. I initially took that as me not putting them in enough stressful positions, but it was much more likely because I forgot this.
  • Trajectory is really, really important. Discussing this with the players in advance is important, especialy if you are the only one to read the book (as I was). Set expectations so playing out the questionnaire goes smoothly and gives you what you need to run the session.
  • Jason’s character, Marcus, and his choice of madness talent saved the game for me. I created Harvey as an unconscious manifestation of his talent and Jason’s deadpan playing of that unconscious trust was perfect. The thought that he may be Alp came to me at the same time. The newspaper article was to cast doubt on Sampson and to provide an endgame for where we would end the session.
  • I probably over-sold the paranoia at the end as to who was Alp and asked too many leading questions. If we played this sort of game regularly or if we were playing more than one session, I probably could have left it alone. As it is, I appreciated a seeming self-contained arc and discussing how we could have proceeded made me feel a lot better about my choices.

~ by Hunter Rose on January 12, 2015.

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