5E D&D Revenge of the Iron Lich

I’m very proud to present the 5th Edition D&D conversion of Revenge of the Iron Lich by SVDPress.

RotIL 5E Notes
RotIL 5E Monsters

This is not standalone documents. To use them, you need a copy of Revenge of the Iron Lich, which you can pick up for free at http://svdpress.com/. You also need to know how to play 5th Edition D&D. All the basic rules are available for free at http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules.

Revenge was written for D&D 4th Edition, which is significantly different in tone and style from the 5th Edition. Some liberties were taken in order to make the encounters fit while staying faithful to the spirit of the original. If you have any comments or suggestions, send them to me at HunterRose@hotmail.com.

It didn’t make the notes doc, but the conversion is meant for 16th-level characters, just like the original. The encounters were planned for 4 characters of that level but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t run it for a larger party.


~ by Hunter Rose on March 22, 2015.

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