Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the 13th Age: Session 17

Back in the saddle after two long months!

We picked up a new player, who was making a new character in the background during the session. If you watched any of my Marvel Age of Apocalypse game, you’ll recognise Matt. He’s was rolling up a commander, which should fit in well with the heavy martial leanings of the current party. I excited to see how the new character meshes with the group.

I’m also hoping that by picking up a 5th player, we can more consistently muster the quorum of 3 players I want to run a session. If we get back up to speed again, It’ll be easier to resume and sustain writing for the conversion.

You’ll see that I did some rapid back-pedaling on the Shambling Mound’s damage. It should be averaging out 56 per round between all attacks, but I had it going 50 at 50 per. I tend to ramp up damage a bit in general, but that was truly something that I should have caught.

At the end of the session, I run over the build briefly with the group and I’m still thinking on what Aaron said about avoiding last gasp saves on a drowning attack. I still like them for the dramatic impact of “You’re drowning, make a last-gasp save.” You really can’t get that impact any other way. He’s worried that I could take out an unlucky character in three rounds, but most of our combats don’t last that long and I’m OK with trying to get the rest of the party to burn actions to save them.

I guess it comes down to a difference in play-style. I’m accommodating my group, as a good GM should, but I’m still stuck on the idea that I should stick to my guns on this one for the final doc. We’ll see how I feel about it down the line.

I tipped my hand a bit for the next session too. I know how the encounter should go, as written, but I’m looking to see if we can play it out a bit differently so that Matt can see the group run an RP session. Also, I have a feeling that I’m going to get another negative reaction to some of the combat surprises that I brewed up for this one, but I sooo want to see them in action… I may be conflicted or just evil. 😀


~ by Hunter Rose on June 11, 2015.

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