Strange Pitch

I sent the following pitch for a The Strange campaign to a couple of my old Marvel players and they flipped out.

“It should be obvious, even to rooks like you, that for every agent in the field The Estate employs a score or more of non-agents. Their job is to support you in the field or to keep the cogs of bureaucracy turning smoothly. A majority of these people don’t even know what is it that The Estate does. Many of them lack even the spark that would allow them to understand, even if someone were to tell them.

[“Most of them…”, he mutters.]

You are all intimately familiar with the Psych Division and the regs regarding a full evaluation after each mission. In order to perform their function, the counselors are granted full clearance to hear all details you may divulge in your sessions. Any additional information they believe necessary to make their assessment is doled out on a need to know basis. All of those requests, as well as information shared with Cartography used to be funneled through the Director of Psych.

[The chief clicks his remote and the image of a balding middle-age man appears on the wall.]

In 2000 and 8, The Director left for Earth Prime and disappeared with a reality seed that was recently retrieved by The Estate. We’ve sent older, more experienced agents after him but none of these efforts have succeeded, we believe, because the agents were known to him. You are among the best of the new agents recruited since his departure.

You have one hour to review his dossier, to familiarize yourself with his activities under his assumed name, and then we will reconvene to discuss your mission.

[The dossier is for “The Director AKA Kevin Feige on Wikipedia“]

Industrial Espionage

There are several ways to go from there.

Yes, Disney knows about the Strange and it is absolutely farming reality seeds. The purpose of the seeds range from developing new tourist attractions to the eventual replacement of movie studios with filming these new realities as they unfold. The latest Marvel movies are, in fact the pilot for the latter project. Everything after phase one has been filmed from within one of these new worlds.

It is possible that Disney has the most successful reality-farming operation in history.

  • To what lengths do they go to create, maintain, and expand it?
  • What would they do to stay on top?
  • What non-entertainment sidelines have they developed because of their position?
  • Who, or what, is really in charge around here?

Pick a Shadowrun plot and it will probably work here. There’s plenty of questions that can create intrigue, action, and some surreal silliness if you bounce between worlds created around various Disney properties.

The End of the World?

Unwitting or otherwise, Disney may be on course to destroy the world. An element within Disney, perhaps Fiege himself, is seeking to create a gate through which a world-eater can access Earth Prime. The easiest route would be to have it take on the form of Galacticus and bring it in through the Marvel seed.

Unfortunately for the world-eater, the movie licence for Galacticus is still with FOX and their movies keep bombing.

  • Is the licensing to Fox intentional to keep Galacticus out of Disney’s films?
  • Why do the F4 movies suck so badly?
    • Is FOX trying to make the property so toxic it can never be used, blocking the world-eater?
    • Is it industrial espionage to block the world-eater or to encourage FOX to abandon the Marvel Studios?
  • Is the Spider-Man deal between Sony and Marvel Studios partof a plot to try and build bridges to FOX too?

Just an Excuse to Play Superheroe

Superheroes in particular are no stranger to world-altering events, inter-dimensional travel, and invasions from all sides.

  • How to the heroes react to the truth of their world?

Really, that one question opens up a whole can of worms on it’s own. Whether you visit the Marvel seed posing as Shield Agents or you play as the heroes, escaping into Earth Prime to confront a threat. There’s no end of places it can go. what if Disney’s agents in Marvels’ seed are all Hydra or AIM?

The sky is the limit on this one, folks.


~ by Hunter Rose on August 23, 2015.

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