Savage Star Wars [draft]

*Gasp* An update! I stopped blogging for personal reasons. I finally have something to share and no other place to put it, so I’m back.

I’ve been playing Star Wars on alternate Sundays. We started with Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG which is interesting. However, the GM eventually decided that it wasn’t supporting the style of game that he wanted and he switched us to Savage Worlds.

There is, of course, no official support for Star Wars in this system. The fan-based projects that we found didn’t satisfy, so I started my own write-up. I’m still new to the system, so I hewed as closely to the core rules as I could. When it comes to powers that includes the time-honored tradition of re-skinning existing powers. 😉

You can download the draft here: savage-star-wars

Conveniently, the completion of the first draft coincides with the death of my character, so I’ll be making a new character using this draft for the next session. the really challenge is winning over the current Jedi player and perhaps your approval as well. I certainly appreciate any comments and suggestions you can make to make the document better.


~ by Hunter Rose on November 16, 2016.

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