As a nascent geek, I turned to one of my favorite villains to create an internet identity that would empower me to speak with complete strangers. It has been decades since those early days on AOL and I’ve mostly set aside the handle of Hunter Rose—in favor of being myself.

Years ago, my wife had asked me if I wanted to blog about games and set up this account. I’m sorry to say that it has lain dormant and forgotten. I’ve since taken up with the boys at http://www.JustPressStart.net/ but they are mostly about video games. While I can bring in some reviews and articles about RPGs and other, non-digital gaming, I’ve begun to think that I may want to do a little bit more.

So, I’ve returned to the mask I’ve so often worn and to the game blog that never was—with purpose and direction—to continue the cycle of self-evolution. This is my game blog. Booya!


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